To The Girl Who Said We Aren't Allowed To Be Stressed In College If We Don't Work

To The Girl Who Said We Aren't Allowed To Be Stressed In College If We Don't Work

Do not shame other people for not working


Recently an article has surfaced on the odyssey and I wanted to write a response. The article was titled If You Don't Have A College Job, You Can't Complain About College Stress. Wow, ok well If you haven't seen the article please go take a look. I am not sure what she was thinking as she wrote this article but I have a few things to say.

Unlike Catherine, I do not come from money. I cannot just text my parents and ask them for money, I support myself. For my first three years in college, I did not work, I still had a great amount of stress. For two out of the three years, I was a double sport athlete, I didn't have time to work, my "unlimited social time" was spent at practice and then locked in my room doing homework. I also go to a D3 University so I do not get paid to play.

I also see your perspective on the hard major, which granted engineering is not an easy program. But, there are other majors that are difficult and we don't have to just show up for class. There are plenty of other majors in college that require a lot of work outside the classroom and if the student takes longer to learn, their education might be affected if they had a job. We do have homework just like you. So your statement is incorrect all other majors besides engineering and nursing are not easy, and the rest of us still have to do a whole heck of a lot more than just showing up for class.

This year I am a NCAA two season athlete who is taking 18 credits and working over 30 hours a week. But also place the stress of senior year into the mix, see what happens. People say that it's hard enough to be a student-athlete, which I agree with. The reality is that I need to work to pay for school and I am working on retaking some classes this semester that I was unable to pass due to my concussion this past year.

So like Miss Catherine I am working this year. But I didn't work in the past and stress is still real, you cannot compare yourself to others and say they are spoiled and do not have a right to be stressed. If their parents can help support them while they are in college that is great for them. Yes, they still have a right to be stressed. Yes, they can feel good about themselves if they are still living off of their parents.

Stress is a big part of my everyday life. I'm a commuter so that adds a nice spice to the pot of life. Working this year is not an option, due to insufficient funds, I must work to pay my bills. Working 20 hours a week at my current hourly payment would help me barely get by, but with taxes each time I might not be able to make each bill. therefore I must work crazy amounts of hours just to make sure I can continue in school, drive my car, and live my life. Which my car I am paying for. I buy my own groceries and make my own food.

Just because someone doesn't work while they are in school doesn't automatically mean they are spoiled, it could mean that person has worked very hard over the years to save up that money so they can focus on school. I understand the idea of being upset at people being stressed or saying they have no time to do their homework when they literally do nothing all day. I just don't think that people who don't work while in school aren't allowed to be stressed. School is stressful alone, do not discredit that. You never know what someone's experience is or what they are going through.

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