Stress-eating has been one of my few salvations as a college student. Dealing with all the heavy pressure of deadlines, homework, midterms, finals and making sure everything's immaculate and perfect just takes a toll on me sometimes. I can feel it when I merely raise an arm, stretch myself in the morning after a nine-hour sleep, whilst rubbing my back because my shoulders feel too tense. I like to call myself a "Stress-Walking Meatball."


I get stressed out by the mere fact that I am not stressed out. I feel like I should always be stressed because I should always be doing something. But no. I stress out because I decide to spend my time in bed and not do anything. As you can tell, my summer has been a blast.

However, an intense and fiery love kindles for food whenever I am stressed. Like, all I can think about is food and food and food. (Amongst other things, of course.) I even have my own menu of things I crave when I'm hella stressed out. Here it is:

1. Donuts


Donuts are always my go-to food. They are soft and tasty and nice. Pretty much what one wishes in a relationship. So there you go, food that makes you feel loved. Of course, that's only before you feel like you're about to puke after eating almost seven donuts in one go...

I'm definitely not talking from experience (I'm winking at you if you can't tell). I totally did not eat a dozen donuts by myself in the span of a week... OK, it was the Winter quarter and it was too much. Don't judge me.

But donuts have seen the worse of me, and they never let me down. They will never let you down.

2. Tacos


As of last week, I went to this taco truck twice before Tuesday, and when I go, I don't play games. But I've also been there whilst stressed: and I don't play games either during that time.

If you're from LA, there's this taco truck in mid-city that is gloriously delicious. Located by La Brea And Venice Blvd, Leo's tacos reigns the street-style taco truck world. Upon a bite from anything from there, you'll get a food boner. Whenever I go, my boyfriend and I spend a total of almost $40 just for the both of us.

Obviously, tacos from anywhere would suffice, but Leo's tacos are always the best option. Especially at night. *winky face*

3. Ice cream


I'm currently writing this and just thinking about going to the nearest Rite Aid. Have you guys ever had some Thrifty's ice cream? They're fabulous and absolutely one of my favorite ice cream places.

They are seeping with a variety of flavors that would please your taste buds and ease that monstrous stress monster sitting heavily on your shoulders. Even a demon like that knows how to acknowledge a fine blessing like ice cream.

4. Ramen


Microwaveable ramen is honestly on of the best discoveries from the food network. I can just imagine how much in love somebody had to be with ramen to come up with this glorious idea. It is so convenient and delicious.

Ramen for the price of like $3 and done within a couple minutes? I'm surprised that the ramen restaurants are still thriving... Well, it's ramen so maybe that's why. And if we're talking about favorite, mine would have to be this vegan kimchi from Ralph's. It is so delicious.

5. Anything else that is microwaveable.


I never understood people's love for microwaveable food until a couple of weeks ago. I literally had nothing else to eat besides ramen, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes. And honestly, I wish I could go back to that time.

It's like you get to somewhat prepare your own food, so you know, you learn how to cook a little bet. And just seeing your plate of food heating up in the microwave is just so pleasing. Albeit, you also wish for time to go faster because you just want to eat your four-cheese mac n cheese.

Microwaveable food is the biggest blessing sent from heaven to be fairly honest.

They say food is the best anything you can find, and it will never leave you. Once you eat it, you carry it with you in your stomach, and then the food is broken down into its nutrients and whatnot and they just become part of you. Food is the real hommie out there, people.