Ever since I was little, I've always had that desire to see and visit places where I've never been before. Now that I am older, it is a lot easier to do these things. Although since I'm older now, I am the one funding my own trips and adventures, which can get a little costly since I have more freedom to do my own thing. Going out to see new places is great for so many different reasons. I also find that through the school year and just months, in general, I end up in a routine. While having a routine is good, it can make me too comfortable with how everything is around me. Every so often, I enjoy getting out of these routines and doing something different or going somewhere different.

Routines in general usually aid us in finding an easier way to do things or a way to save us time, especially in all of the madness we have to deal with every day. The question is, at what point should you draw the line on routines? Leaving a specific routine every once in a while can lead to so many benefits. Sometimes, we are so caught up and engulfed in the day to day routines that we have so we fail to see everything else that is happening around us. Routines are usually our way to help us get from point A to point B without any kind of difficulties. However, sometimes these difficulties can be what makes us a better and bigger person in the long run. To me, falling into a routine actually makes time go by fast. In some cases, this is ideal an in other cases, it's not. I don't want to look back on my life only to realize that I did the same thing every day. Overall, I definitely do not want time to fly by since it already feels like it's happening.

Here are some reasons I was able to come up with as to why you should stray from routine every once in a while.

1. You need a break.

2. You'll feel a sense of freedom.

3. It moves you outside of your comfort zone

4. Time won't go by as fast.

5. You are more aware of your surroundings.

6. You will become more alert.

7. Maybe you'll meet a new friend.

For some people, changing up the routine may be difficult but keep in mind that it could always be done in baby steps.

What will you do differently today?