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15 Things The Duffer Brothers Got Right In 'Stranger Things' Season 3

Netflix came through.

15 Things The Duffer Brothers Got Right In 'Stranger Things' Season 3

With record-breaking numbers coming in at over 40.7 million household viewers for Netflix in less than a week, season 3 of 'Stranger Things' is doing something right. With a problematic second season (with the episode of which we will never speak of again), it was great to see the Duffer Brothers take a step in the right direction and be on par again with season 1.

It was great. It was disturbing. It was funny. It was sad. And most importantly, it didn't disappoint.

Since I will be talking about the show, there will be spoilers. Don't read if you're one of the 3 people on this planet who haven't watched this season yet. Just take a quick 8-hour binge break and come back to discuss. K. Cool. And for all you nerds who didn't waste any time watching ST3, let's waste no time in going over some of the best aspects of season 3.


I have nothing to say, except I love Robin. I mean Maya Hawke. I mean Robin.

This. outfit.

I really want to make a daddy joke here, but I will refrain myself incase children under the age of 21 are reading.

And also this outfit

Because why not?


This small, innocent, cinnamon roll of a human being. He deserved better. But if there's one thing we can count on the Duffer Brothers for, it's making a lovable and innocent character (see: Barb, Bob, Mews) only to brutally rip them from life too soon. Thus breaking our tiny fanatic hearts.

The Scoop Troop

What would Steve be without his bff Dustin? We thought there couldn't be anything better than this duo, but come season 3, two quirky ladies (that would honestly do a better job without them) add on to the amazing chemistry deemed by Dustin as the "Scoops Troop". Robin (Maya Hawke) and Erica (Priah Ferguson) bring such a fun and sassy dynamic to the otherwise already amazing and babysitter adventuring of this group.

I just need more of them together, hanging out, doing nothing. Give me a whole season about them just living a normal life at their new job with that weird dude Keith.

The. Letter.

You know. The one that broke all of our hearts. That actually made me (a cold, heartless monster) tear up. Finally getting a strong-willed character to open up and be honest makes me feel. all. the. things.

Max and Eleven's friendship

Two girls having a realistic friendship where they're not jealous of each other or only talking about surface level stuff like nails and clothes? Crazy, I know. Still, makes this season just that much sweeter. The strong female characters are what really drive this season, let's be honest. None of those boys would be anywhere they are without Nancy, Joyce, Eleven, Max, Suzie, Erica, or Robin.

The reality of childhood

Growing up sucks. Change sucks. But being able to work through the suck makes us better people. 'Stranger Things 3' handles this inescapable transition with grace, humor, and truth.

All good things must come to an end.


I don't care what anybody says, we all needed that "Never Ending Story" musical number right dab in the middle of the action whether we knew it or not.

All I'm saying is she better be back for season 4.

80s Style ICONS

Who knew I'd be getting style inspo from 14-year-olds on a tv show about monsters and Russian science experiments...

Billy's character arch

Okay, so it was more like a rollercoaster, but Dacre Montgomery did an absolutely amazing job with Billy's character throughout season 2 and 3. I hated him at times and felt so deeply for him at others, but his demise was as epic as he was.

And the acting in general

Usually, I like to point out the work behind the scenes that goes on with major productions like this (which is impeccable btw), but it's undeniable how well these young stars can act. Excellent writing, production, and insane acting abilities are what truly sets this show apart from the rest.

The pure awkwardness of teenage relationships

Humor is what also makes this show stand out from similar sci-fi, horror troupes. It balances both humor, gore, and intensity with ease, making me smile and cry in the same 10 minutes (which is hard to do).

Plus, everyone can relate to those awkward pre-teen years filled with terrible kisses, heartbreak, fighting with your parents, and all around pubescent gawkiness. No? Just me? Ok.

Hopper and El

Like Hopper said- feelings. I love this relationship and find it so different from the regular family dynamics we see in media. Just two messed up people trying to create a small sense of family and love as father and daughter- it's enough to make my cold, dead heart beat again.

All I ask is for more scenes with Hop and El, of course, if my man's alive. (I'm still in denial.)

Erica Sinclaire

You thought I forgot? How could I? Last but not least, the sassiest and scariest beast of them all. Erica rises up to steal the scene every. single. time. And we're here for it.

I want to be like Erica when I grow up.

Another season down, another long hiatus of pure agony until we even get the news that 'Stranger Things' may get renewed for another season. Hopefully, we can finally get some more Scoop Troop action, sassy Erica, a follow-up to Will's weird 6th sense, insight into whatever's going down in Russia, and some much needed info/closure on Hopper (just me again? Ok.)

How did season 3 stack up for you in terms of the other seasons? What do you hope to see in season 4? Will we ever get a Suzie-poo and Dusty-bun reconnection through song?

I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

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