A Stranger Saved My Wife

Loving someone with anxiety, the crippling kind that sends them into an almost panic like state when triggered, is probably one of the hardest things I've signed up to do. Knowing full well that the person you love can't hear your voice while in that mindset, can't break out and see you there in front of them, and there's nothing you can do to help is an emotional drain from hell.

So, imagine my surprise walking into a PetSmart, hand in hand with her, and seeing this big, black, brindle, yellow eyed thing in a cage, and even more surprising hearing her say "what about him."

You've got to be kidding me right? He's a monster, he'll eat our puppy, he probably doesn't know how to love, he looks mean. All these and more run through my head as we bring our pup up to say hi, and pay the almost nothing for him (in my mind because no one wants him.)

Evo...... it took weeks for him to even feel comfortable around us. Gun shy and scared of men, I had no idea he would be the one to help when I most needed it a few days later. A few days later while I was at work and someone tried to break into the house. Evo.... the monster in the cage heard my wife's voice for help and slammed into the front door shutting it closed on who ever almost came in. Evo..... the mean dog who's bark scared off what could've been the end to my family.

Flash forward a few days after, me and my love are play wrestling. I got her arms behind her back in a hold, and before I knew it Evo was pushing me off her. With a few pats on the head he realized I meant her no harm, and I realized that this dog and her connection was way stronger than I could've thought. He slept on her feet, stayed next to her at all times, and in another night of our panic, showed his true colors. With a simple clap, he ran to her side. She could t make the words for help, but he knew by a clap.

We immediately started seeing what he would do. She locked herself in a room, he'd run and tell me. She went to cut or scratch he'd lay on her. It's like a miracle drug but without having to medicate her, without making her feel like a patient, she became a partner with him.

I don't have a bond with him, when she leaves he cries and when I leave he stays by her side. He is my dogs big brother and my families protector. Those strong yellow eyes watch her as she walks. He never lets her out of his line of sight for long. I am not his owner or his friend, he is basically a stranger to me.

But, that stranger and I have an understanding. She needs help, and wether I like it or not, he's the one who can give it.

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