Stop Sexualizing The Nipple
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Stop Sexualizing The Nipple

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" - Dr. Suess

Stop Sexualizing The Nipple

Free the Nipple. I am sure many of you have heard of this movement. This is not some crazy campaign promoting nudity, it promotes gender equality. I am not saying to walk outside topless and show the world what your nipples look like, but I do believe women's body parts should not be so sexualized. I am no feminist, I am simply just a girl who thinks going out without a bra in public shouldn’t be something shamed by society. Not only are bras super uncomfortable, but I should not even need reasons as to why I don't have to wear one. It is my body and if it makes others uncomfortable, well that is just simply not my problem.

What is the difference between a boys nipple and a girls? Probably the fact that men have more rights. Women do have many rights, but men are treated differently. As a woman in the workplace, we see everyday the upper hand treatment men get. Women have to work 10x harder to prove we are equal, which I am not complaining about but it is true. When we see a man's nipple through their shirt, we do not think anything of it. But, when we see a woman's nipple through their shirt we think, "oh my gosh how dare someone go out in public like that!" I know, what a tragic thing. Bras actually do not prevent sagging or back problems, they actually create more sagging. With everything going on in the world right now, I am pretty sure our controversial nipples are the least of our problems.

This movement is not about being nude. It is trying to change views so women are not looked at as sexual objects and sexualizing the way we look. It is not about shaming bodies. It is about making women equal and making them feel beautiful in their own body. You don't have to be a feminist to agree and support the movement. If a man and a woman go outside together, both topless, the woman will be arrested in most states. I would not walk out of my house half naked, but it shows how unequal we still are to men.

This movement just proves how sexualized our bodies are. If you show too much stomach, too much cleavage, or your shorts are short it is expected of you to be prepared and be extra careful of cat-calling and being approached. Just because we show our skin, the most natural thing, we are simply asking for it. The way I dress does not speak for what I am asking, my actions do. I dress for me. I look how I look because that is what makes me feel beautiful. I should not have to dress extra careful because of how others see me. Society needs to accept and embrace the different. Let people dress in the style that suits them. Just because something is different than the norm, does not make it wrong.

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