Stop Remaking Movies With All-Female Casts

Stop Remaking Movies With All-Female Casts

It's time to put an end to this marketing fad.

Recently, the trend in Hollywood has been to take an award winning and wildly popular movie and remake it with all of the male roles replaced with female characters instead. People are using these reboots as a battle cry for gender equality and women paving the way in film. But let's just call them what they really are: cop outs.

Think of your favorite childhood movie, just take a moment to think of the film you watch every weekend from the time you were eight until you were twelve, and now you watch it on rainy days. Now, imagine that they decided to remake that movie, the cornerstone of your childhood cinema experience.

You're going to feel a lot of things. You'll be excited, but skeptical. Probably really skeptical, because the first movie was great, at least in your mind, and anything other than the original probably isn't going to measure up.

Now imagine that reboot doesn't just have your childhood expectations weighing on it, but also it is supposed to prove simultaneously that women can be just as funny, tough, dynamic, etc. as men. That's a lot of pressure on an hour and thirty minutes.

And this goal, of showcasing women as capable of starring, is already side eyed by some people.

We've accepted for years that women will watch movies about men, but that men will not watch movies about women. So instead of challenging that notion directly, with great new material and scripts and premises to get lost in, we expect all women casts to scrounge up all of this from table scraps?

It's time to stop trying to force women into roles they weren't written for (yes, this is a side-eye at you, "Lord of the Flies" remake. The story is about how boarding school boys are socialized with aggression and violence) or spectacular films with cult like followings that couldn't recreate their initial popularity with the exact same characters, let alone female characters shoved into stereotypes to fit the roles.

I'm not saying that female characters shouldn't be written into already existing fictional worlds, because that would be great. But at this point, it's too little too late. Their stories are wrapped around the male centered original cast, they're standing alone in a galaxy of beloved men and their fans. The pressure of these characters is immense, and they are important, but they are a band-aid solution to a deep wound problem.

It's time to start writing stories about women that matter and then showcasing them like we have been with men since the dawn of cinema. It's time to stop assuming men won't watch movies about women, but women will watch movies just about men. It's time to give women a shot at Hollywood, with gourmet scripts instead of left overs. It's time to stop rebooting old films with all female casts.

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If You Haven't Listened To Camila Cabello's Debut Album Stop What You're Doing

Camila Cabello's debut album "CAMILA" is out and here's what you need to know:

Over a year after Camila Cabello parted ways with famous girl group Fifth Harmony, she has released her first solo album and if you want to bless your ears I suggest you take a listen.

Cabello's self titled album, "CAMILA" which was originally going to be titled "The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving" hit stores worldwide January 12th and instantly hit number one in the U.S. and plenty of other countries.

At 20 years old, the Cuban-born, Miami raised singer portrays not only her personal experiences but expresses her Latin American origin, giving the album a melodious sound and a Cuban-Mexican vibe. Of course her big hit single "Havana" is included among these 11 songs, becoming the closest one to your loud, club-worthy song. The following 10 songs are stripped down so listeners can appreciate and admire Cabello's vocals, proving that the girl can SING and is something you don't really see these days.

Among the many tracks, Camila includes a ballad titled "Consequences" which is a real tear-jerker. Cabello's soft vocals with the beautiful piano in the background really set the tone of this song. Singing lyrics like, "secret keeping, stop the bleeding / lost a little weight because I wasn't eating" really show the singers emotion put into the song and makes everyone feel that something.

Two tracks later, Cabello writes another emotional song known as, "Something's Gotta Give" which discusses a relationship where the singer leaves because there's no reason to deal with the lies and misuse. The singer uses the power line, "No reason to stay is a good reason to go" which is something some people really need to here.

Cabello is great at hitting every part of a break up including a song ("All These Years") which covers a sweet, but upsetting encounter with her ex after a breakup. The singer uses an acoustic vibe while complimenting her ex through amazing, soft vocals. Cabello is instantly reminded of all their memories together, but then is heartbroken (and a bit happy for her ex) when she finds out there is a new girl in his life.

Moving on to some songs you might’ve already heard. Cabello obvious includes her newest single, "Never Be The Same" making it the number one track on the album. If you haven't heard it, the track has some R&B vibes and is a mid-tempo ballad about a love that is painfully pleasing. Cabello even tweeted that the the track is, "what falling in love sounds like."

The track even mentions nicotine, heroin, and morphine and we're sure you'll be addicted to this song (and the album) just like the drugs mentioned. Just like "Never Be The Same", the track "Real Friends was released a month before the actual release date of "CAMILA" on December 7th, 2017. I can guarantee you that you will relate to this song as it talks about going through the realization that the people you're surrounding yourself with aren't actually your friends.

Cabello sings, "I'm just looking for some real friends, all they ever do is let me down" making this one of the strongest, most relatable lyrics on the album. Cabello admitted this song is about being in LA (and that she totally hates it). We’re glad Camila is surrounded by her family most of the time.

Opening up for Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic World Tour, fans and others heard another track early. While opening for Bruno, “Inside Out” took a place on her setlist. Being the only song that you can dance to alongside “Havana,” the track is fun and full of energy. In this song, Cabello goes back to her Cuban-Mexican roots for sure. Singing the song in English and Spanish, the song is something you’ll just want to dance to. Before performing the track on tour, Cabello even requests the audience to close their eyes and imagine they’re in Latin America before she sings, “De Miami a México / Esta cosa se prendió”

Continuing on Camila’s objective of showing every piece of falling in love. A track that really stands out is “In The Dark”. This song really emphasizes wanting to know every side of someone (especially the dark) because everyone has their secrets.

Once again, Cabello takes a stab at Los Angeles yet sings one of my favorite lyrics of the album, “Who are you when it's 3 AM / And you're all alone / And L.A. doesn't feel like home?”. This track is Camila’s plead to get to know that special someone she likes (and we totally hope she gets what she wants).

Finally, every album needs those sexy, makes you feel good type of song. LADIES listen up because “She Loves Control” is the song for you. Cabello strong and proud sings the lyrics, “She loves control, she wants it her way / And there's no way she'll ever stay unless you give it up”. No one should tell a girl what to do, and Cabello makes that clear.

Perhaps this song is even a stab at the Fifth Harmony gals (after all they wouldn’t let her write some of her own music, which led to her departure). We couldn’t be happier that the singer wrote this tune. Moving on, Cabello writes an even sexier song singing, “I see a king-sized bed in the corner, we should get into it”. Cabello titled this song “Into It” which is an upbeat, vocally impressive song which Camila admitted was about a daydream she had about a guy she had been crushing on. If you’re head over heels for a special someone, Camila understands and this WILL be your favorite song on the album (trust me).

Okay, now all you have to do is buy or stream the album and then continue on doing whatever you were doing. Heres where you can check out “CAMILA” the debut album by Camila Cabello:

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To 20-Something-Year-Olds, It's OK Not To Have Your Life Figured Out Yet

"That's how it's supposed to be; living young, wild, and free."

Dear all of us 20-something-year-olds,

First of all, I think it's only fit to start this article off with a reminder to just take a breath. Many of us are in our final semesters of our college career, some of us are working hard, and others are still figuring it out. No matter what stage of your young adult life you're at, just know that we are all still so early in our adult life that it's ok to know literally nothing.

It's been drilled into our heads since before we could even pick out our own clothes that by the time you are at your age now, you should be pretty firm in what you should be doing with the rest of your life forever.

You know, know what you are majoring in, where you're moving to when you finally get your degree, what internship you're considering, who you're getting married to, what our annual income should be.

Well, while that may have worked out for some of us, that is not the case for so many others. So, I think we all need to take a break and just kinda chuckle at our childhood self. In reality, and to be frank, life happens. So what if college took a different route than you intended? So what if God threw you an unexpected curveball?

So what if you simply don't know what your next chapter holds? The best part of early adulthood is being able to redefine and reinvent yourself, no matter what point you are at.

With all of that being said, it's important to remember that no matter how hard we fall, we always have the strength to get back up. I once saw a neon green Post-It note taped to a college door frame that said: "don't quit when you're tired, quit when you're done." So, if all of us baby adults remember that phrase as we continue to trek through this mountain range called adulthood, I feel that our long nights will get shorter, the determination will grow stronger, and our destination will seem closer.

If you take just a few things from this article, let it be to sing with your best friends at the top of your lungs at 2 am on top of a table, forgive, love with all of your heart, make mistakes, make promises, make memories because you're young. We have our elder years to be snarky, so let's live out our youth to the fullest. To quote Bruno Mars, "that's how it's supposed to be; living young, wild, and free."

Cover Image Credit: Author's Photo

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