10 Simple Steps To Stop Reading These Articles And Go To Sleep
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10 Simple Steps To Stop Reading These Articles And Go To Sleep

If the internet is telling you to go to bed, it's time to go to bed.

10 Simple Steps To Stop Reading These Articles And Go To Sleep
Victoria Heath

The internet is a black hole of cute kittens, mind-blowing science facts, political opinions and all-around tomfoolery. That's how you ended up here, right? While I'm glad you're reading my article (heyyyy page views), I also care about your well-being. If you've been browsing the net for a little bit too long and it's now 3 o'clock in the morning... it's time to go to bed.

Sometimes that's easier said than done. I get that. That's why I've made an easy list of steps to follow so you can finally get some shut-eye.

1. Recognize that it is bedtime.

The first step is admitting and accepting that it is time to go to bed. Sure, you may have been thinking it for the past three hours, but you didn't let it sink in. Take a second, say it out loud. Look out the window at the deep night. Hear how quiet the world is around you. The world is asleep, why aren't you?

2. Close or save your open tabs.

There are a lot of web pages to explore, but they will all be there in the morning. Saving (if necessary) and then closing tabs is going to solidify that you are committed to shutting down for the night. It will cut down on the temptation to just click over to the next thing after you are done reading this. Plus, it's kind of cathartic.

3. Promise you won't click on anything else.

There are plenty of tempting links on this page. Promise yourself you won't open anything else. If there is something truly intriguing that you just can't stand to ignore, save the link and then immediately close it. If you think this might be the case for you, look through this page now so you can get past the urge to continue clicking later.

4. Set alarms and reminders.

If you've stayed up this late, you are probably someone with an active mind. To help quiet all of those thoughts, write down anything you don't want to forget—creative writing ideas, to-do lists, what outfit you want to wear tomorrow, anything that is keeping you awake. If you need one, set your alarm for the morning. Once they're written down and alarms are set, you don't need to replay them in your head for the umpteenth time.

5. Get ready for bed.

Do what you need to do before bed. Brush your teeth. Tie up your hair. Get in pajamas. Whatever nighttime routine you have should start to tell your body that you are ready for sleep.

6. Get your bed ready for you.

Change your environment so that it is a place meant specifically for sleep. Pull back your covers. Fluff your pillows. Turn off your lights. Close your blinds and closet doors. This is your sanctuary for slumber, make it worthy of true hibernation.

7. Recognize how tired you are.

Now that you've acknowledged that it is the appropriate time for sleep, consider how your body is feeling. You've been awake all day. Your body has been doing its best to keep you going and now it's ready for rest. Your back is ready to recline, your legs are ready to stretch out and relax, and your head is ready to sink into a comfy pillow. Basically, you are getting sleepy... very sleepy.

8. Shut down your computer.

Close this page and shut down your computer. Seriously, this is probably the only time EVER that the Internet is going to tell you to close out of it.

9. Get in bed.

With the lights off and everything ready, it's time to finally climb into bed. Get cozy under your covers and find that absolutely perfect position.

10. Go to sleep.

You finally did it. You've successfully beat the urge to keep browsing and are finally rewarded with much-deserved rest. Feel how heavy and relaxed your muscles are, how slow your breathing is and how good it is to close your weary eyes. Sweet dreams!

Still here? Try listening to music designed for sleep, guided sleep meditations, or an audiobook you have already read or are uninterested in. If you are going to do this, keep the lights off and electronic lights off or hidden. The more you practice good sleep hygiene, the easier it will be to fall asleep at the end of the day. Create a soothing routine around sleep and stick to it. Your body will thank you.

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