Stop Looking For That Special Someone, Pray For Them Instead
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Don't Go Looking For That Special Someone, Pray For Them Instead

"I talk to God about you and I ain't even met you yet." ~Dan + Shay

Don't Go Looking For That Special Someone, Pray For Them Instead

I went through a stage in my life where I was always looking for a relationship. All of my friends were engaged, getting married, or were in serious relationships. I was the friend in the group that desperately wanted to be with someone who would buy me tacos and tell me that I'm pretty. Now, I was able to find someone to buy me tacos and tell me that I was pretty but when it came to being a relationship I didn't necessarily luck out in the area. But; I was so desperate to be in a relationship I thought to myself that if I keep on "talking" to that person then eventually they will want to be monogamous with me. If I kept doing whatever made him happy it will keep him around and he wouldn't be seeing anyone else. Boy, was I wrong! I quickly learned that looking for a relationship and telling all of my lady friends that their guy friends were cute in hope of them setting me up with their friend wasn't just a bad look for me but it made me look desperate and let's be honest here; no guy wants to be with a desperate girl.

As I got older I stopped looking for a relationship. I would still go out to eat with guys here and there but I stopped looking for that dream relationship that I was dreaming about. I stopped thinking about how to keep the guy around. I stopped worrying about whether or not they were seeing someone else. I learned that I was better than that. I learned that I deserved the best and deserved to be treated like a princess. More importantly, I learned that instead of looking for a relationship I should be not only praying for a beautiful relationship but also praying for the person who I will be in a relationship with. Realizing that I should be praying for my future relationship but also my future boyfriend, future husband, future father of my children was me letting go and trusting in the plan that God has in store for me.

Instead of thinking about your dream guy; Pray that he will love you just for being you. Instead of looking for that love story in fairy tales; Pray that your future relationship will not just be a beautiful relationship but a relationship where both of you can grow in your faith together. Instead of worrying about being lonely; Pray that your future significant other is happy wherever he is.

They always say that love comes when you are least expecting it. You never know what will happen when you stop looking for love. Who knows; it may be waiting to hit you in the face the moment you stop looking.

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