I Will Never Stop Learning Even After College Because There's More To Learn

In my everyday life, I probably learn something new on the daily. This is pretty normal considering I am a college study enrolled in classes trying to obtain a degree. For a lot of people, a degree can be a symbol of being done. You've completed the work, gained the knowledge and no longer feel the need to learn. Once you have the job and are secure in your routine, the daily piece of learning slowly fade away. I don't want this to happen to me. There are so many things that are non-educational that I still want to learn.

I sometimes find myself asking in certain classes "when am I going to need this in real life"? The truth is, I am not going to use everything that I learned in college in real life. But I've also come to the realization, that that's not the point of learning. The point is to exercise your brain and to expand your mind to new horizons. So I will continue to sit through Astronomy class and try to show some interest even though I am a human communications major.

I am a firm believer that is never too late to do something. People have desires and dreams that they let die. I am still young, so there's a lot left out there for me to learn. But even for those that are older, I encourage you to keep the fire alive and go out and learn something. Pick up another language, learn to surf, take cooking classes, whatever it is, it will do nothing but add to the resume that you call your life.

I have three more years of school to complete and I'm sure my mind will be filled with all sorts of new material by the end of it. I look forward to learning skills necessary to hold my dream job and to execute it well. It's an exciting thing to perfect something and to feel accomplished. There are things that I need to learn along with things that I want to learn. Both are equally as important.

Leaving you all with this, I just want to reiterate that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Being able to acquire a new talent or skill can enhance your quality of living. If you ever have the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone to learn how to do something, take it! I hope to be able to have a conversation in French one day. I hope to be able to play a song on the piano. I hope to be able to dunk a basketball. There are no limits and that's the best thing about it. It might take awhile to learn something, but things that aren't easy are just not worth it. The more you know, people.

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