Have you ever left your place after 10 p.m. in a crop top, only to have people flash you dirty looks or whisper asides to their friends as you pass?

I'm so sick of people thinking that girls who party are automatically dumb or lesser. How people decide to spend their nights is their business and, contrary to what many may think, it is completely possible to go out often and maintain good grades. I've been able to balance the two throughout my time in college and I'm proud of that, not ashamed.

I'll never forget a conversation I was regrettably present for when a group of girls were discussing how partying is "an unfortunate habit." They were shaming girls for going to frats and drinking, and the worst part is that they spoke as if they were righteous and somehow better for not doing those things.

Honestly, get off your high horse (no Kacey Musgraves pun intended). You're not better for enjoying different activities than someone else. If you don't want to party, that's great! If you do, that's great too! Why are we so insistent on tearing each other down?

It's a strange misconception that girls who bleach their hair and let loose are the 'mean girls' or the 'dumb girls.' This is so incredibly untrue. Some of the nicest and smartest people I have ever met go out often, and I don't think they are cooler or less cool for it.

Similarly, a lot of my favorite people prefer staying in! And I definitely love my nights with nothing more than a pint of ice cream and a good book. The point is, people should spend their time how they choose, and they shouldn't be judged for it either way.

I spent a lot of time hanging around people who wore their conservativeness as a badge of honor. People who thought they were better because they spent more time at the library or refused a sip of alcohol. As I said, those are their choices and I completely respect them. What I couldn't respect, however, was their intolerance for those who didn't do that.

Let people enjoy things, whether it's going crazy or staying in! I'm not going to apologize for being myself. Nobody should have to.