So the Masters Tournament was this past weekend, and the only person I did not want to win, won.

In late 2009, it came out that Tiger Woods was involved in a cheating scandal. He cheated on his wife with more than a dozen women. I, for one, am not okay with that, and I will never be okay with it.

20% of men and 13% of women admit to cheating. Why are those numbers not 0%? Why is it so hard to tell your significant other that you just are not happy or fulfilled with the relationship. That is way better than going behind their back.

But Tiger Woods is different, right? I mean, he almost did not even come back to the game of golf because of his back injury. But he did make a comeback. He won the Masters Tournament, and no one seems to remember the disrespect he showed to many women, including his ex-wife.

I saw on social media that so many celebrities were congratulating Woods on his achievement. These are the same celebrities that reprimanded President Trump for speaking disrespectfully about women. Now, I am in no way standing up for President Trump, but Tiger Woods has shown some of the same actions, and people seem to have forgotten that.

Tiger Woods is looked up to by so many young kids. But I can only ask, why is he looked at as a role model if he shows no respect and has committed such selfish acts? There are so many more people that young golf fans should look up to whose names are not Tiger Woods.