Are you dumbing yourself down or putting yourself down?

Dumbing yourself down is not cute-

Every person has potential to think with complexity, how we use that potential defines how we are perceived by others. There is not a single person who would prefer a one-sided conversation with themselves- due to a complete lack of understanding. Smart people know a lot (about a lot) and often times when faced with conflict, we seek advice from the ones we feel know the most. The idea of the confused and helpless damsel in distress has become a glamorized fantasy for many young girls.

Maybe it feels intimidating to use their intelligence. "What if they don't like me?" "What if I get made fun of?" (They are already making fun of you) for dumbing yourself to a level below your own. Playing dumb is an invitation for the people around you to walk all over you, disrespect and laugh at you. It is a cold truth that most people do not want to face when they hear their friends laughing at them, not with them. Will the boy you like now, like you less if you do better than him on a test? Most likely not. Many times insecurity is what drives us to change who we are as people, confidence comes from being yourself and being proud of it. Using intelligence to grow as a person rather than hiding it will bring you the rewarding sense of self-satisfaction you may, so badly need.

When you are smart you can accomplish anything, there is no gain in being dumb. It may be easier to be dumb- blissfully ignorant, although what are you accomplishing by sitting back letting an opportunity pass you by? Intelligence is a gift, that should be used with everything you do. Deciding to be yourself may, in fact, be, the most rewarding action you will ever take. Exposing your intelligence brings the burden of expectations- use the expectations to drive yourself to grow as a person rather than shrinking. Nobody is dumb- unless they want to be.