Guys, Stop Doing These 7 Things On Tinder

Guys, Stop Doing These 7 Things On Tinder

We probably don't care about the fish you caught.

Tinder, especially in college, helps you find some very interesting people. But also, some of the same exact things on every profile. Here are 7 things that are much too common and honestly, should just stop altogether.

1. The Fish Picture

Don't get me wrong, fishing is a hobby that you might enjoy, but also most girls aren't going to care about the fact that you caught a fish. Chances are it's smaller than the last 10 guys' catches.

2. Posting Photos Only With The Same Friends

Half the time, we don't even know which guy in the picture is you. At least give us an arrow or something.

3. Job Title As Assistant To The Regional Manager

Yes, the office is one of my favorite shows, but what do you do because I don't think the photos I saw were Dwight Schrute.

4. Posting Pictures With Girls And In Your Bio Telling Us To Chill

Honestly, I don't really care if it's an ex or a sister. I honestly didn't even think about it until you told me to 'not get upset she's my sister'. You can also have friends that are girls?

5. Posting Pictures With Dogs That Aren't Yours.

If you have a dog in your photos and it is not yours, girls are going to be upset and unmatch. Sorry?

6. Pictures With Babies

If it's your niece/nephew specify or I will automatically assume it's your child.

7. Every Photo Being Party Life

What are your hobbies? Do you always have a beer in your hand? Are you even sober during the day?

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