Today in one of my class, which consist of only about 10 people, we had a new teaching assistant that was teaching us how to work through problems and connect the logic to it. The new TA was working the problems slower than our other, but that is no excuse for what happened. When it came for the class to be almost over, he announced that if we just stay 3 minutes after class he would be done with the problems. The second that the time hit for the class to be over, every single person in that class got up and left. He was still teaching. When he turned back from the board, I was the only one sitting there.

He looked at me and said, "I appreciate you staying an extra three minutes to listen to me teach." At that moment, RAGE ran through my body.

The fact that nobody in that class had enough respect for our TA who is teaching US how to work problems THAT HE ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO WORK. He wasn't in there just working problems for fun because I can almost guarantee he can do these elementary problems in his sleep. He was in there to educate US.

This is a major issue in my eyes. Respecting one another is one of the basics of life so why are students so disrespectful. Every single one of us can sacrifice THREE extra minutes to listen to what an instructor has to say.

This also applies for people who start packing up when the teacher is still talking and class time ISN'T EVEN OVER. When we are in an auditorium that has 300 people in it, it gets incredibly loud when everybody is zipping their backpacks and moving around.

In high school, I know everybody hears the teacher say "you do not get to pack up until I say class is over." I heard it just about every day and I would always get aggravated too, but they teach us that for a reason.