Stop Complaining About F*ckboys And Be Grateful They’re In Your Life

Stop Complaining About F*ckboys And Be Grateful They’re In Your Life

OK fine, you can still complain sometimes.

By now, there probably aren’t many f*ckboys I haven’t crossed paths with: f*ckboys from class, f*ckboys who don’t initially seem like f*ckboys, f*ckboys who wanted to date but later decided not to, and f*ckboys who are very obviously f*ckboys but for some reason, you want them anyway. You name the type, and I’ve probably encountered at least one.

But even though f*ckboys suck, we still put up with them.

And while I’m incredibly guilty of complaining about f*ckboys, I recently realized that instead, I should be grateful for them because the lessons they’ve reinforced over the past three years have been invaluable.

(Note: I'm not saying you can't learn these lessons elsewhere. I'm merely suggesting that since f*ckboys are now a dime a dozen, you might as well reap some benefit of inevitable heartache.)

It's because of f*ckboys that I’ve been reassured that not everyone deserves another chance.

I’ve always been incredibly forgiving, and as a result, I dole out second chances quite often. Unfortunately, second chances usually become third, fourth, and fifth chances. There isn’t one excuse in the book that I haven’t used when it comes to explaining to friends why I’m taking back F*ckboy #3 for the tenth time.

If you’re like me, then realize you’re making excuses for these boys in hopes that they’ll magically change overnight. Then, understand that they won’t change—not because you didn’t try hard enough, but because they never wanted to change in the first place (no matter how often they claim otherwise).

Also realize that you’ll probably respect and care for them more than they respect and care for you.

Not everyone in life will treat you with equal respect, and that’s fine. But if one more person tells me that I signed up for poor treatment because I’m part of the hookup culture, I promise I'll scream. Basic human decency is not an outrageous request.

F*ckboy or not, I’m not asking you to make me the center of your world; I’m simply asking you to treat me with the same care and respect you present your friends.

But the most important thing to remember about f*ckboys is that you’re never the only girl.

Stop being naive and internalize this. If you’re not exclusive with someone, there’s likely someone else. Hell, even the committed ones can be sketchy these days. Be careful. There are amazing people out there, but if you’re f*cking with a f*ckboy, don’t be fooled.

For the past three years, I've been handed some of the sh*ttiest people. But to all the f*ckboys (past, present, and future): thank you. It’s because of you all that I’m stronger, smarter, and less tolerant of all of your bullsh*t.

Don’t get me wrong, I want you in my life for various reasons, and I'll likely still complain from time to time. But just know that girls are only becoming more well-versed in your games. So give it your best shot.

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The perks of living with someone else.

Some are chosen, some are assigned. Either way, it is the same. Like it or not, your roommate is one of the people that knows the very most about you because they are lucky enough to live with you. Here are some things that they can't help but know:

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When you are going to be in and out of the room. Basically where you are at all times.

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No judgement for eating pasta six out of seven days of the week.

3. Your favorite type of alcohol.

You guys are always going out together so eventually she catches on to what you do and do not like to drink.

4. Your comfort food.

For when you have a hard test coming up or just can't get that text back.

5. Every person that you hate.

She hears about any drama in your life so of course she knows everyone you can't stand.

6. Your best friend from home.

You know, the people from your hometown that you actually want to remember. Your roommate may not have met them, but she definitely knows all about them.

7. Which show you are currently binge-watching on Netflix.

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Cover Image Credit: ABC

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Ladies, You Can Do Better Than The Guy Who Tells You You're 'Too High Maintenance'

No matter the situation, follow your gut and don't ignore the signs that he isn't the one. There is nothing wrong with you, he just needs to work on himself. The right guy is out there, and you are worthy of love. Good things take time.


This goes out to all of the girls right now who are questioning their own worth, because of a guy who just doesn't know what an amazing girl he has in front of him. You are so much more than a hookup and you deserve so much better.

You are better than that, and deserve better than to be treated any less than the princess you are.

In today's society, us women have been so accustomed to being mistreated by men, and it has got to stop. This is most prevalent to me in the realm of dating in college. Time and time again I have heard stories about the guys who want the benefits of a girlfriend, without the label. They will get what they want, and after they get it, the effort stops.

It is not fair to go out of your way for someone who doesn't even want or hasn't even put a label on something. Playing hard to get is a concept that seems to have been forgotten in this day in age because of the fear that if you play hard to get, you will lose the guy because you are "too high maintenance" and are "asking for too much."

This is just utterly false.

You are not asking for too much, but asking to be treated with the respect you deserve and if a guy is not willing to make you feel like a priority, and not play childish games like only texting at 3 a.m. to hookup, or when its convenient for him.

Nothing will change unless we take steps to ensure it does.

It is time that if someone is not treating you like a priority, do not go out of your way to make them one. Men will go after what they want, and what they find important to go after, and handing them the benefits of having a girlfriend, without having them work for it will lead to nothing but heartbreak.

The sad truth is that the nice guys that would treat us right, are often friend-zoned because we just do not know how to handle someone treating us with respect and not coming onto us like we are used to. For some reason, we like to go after the guys who just don't seem to care, because for some reason we think he will change for us, and the sad truth is he won't. If he is ignoring texts, not wanting to bring you around his friends, not wanting to post anything about you, or only wants to hang out alone or at

Go find someone who will put the effort in, and hey, it might just be the guy you were quick to put in the friend zone.

So its time to become unavailable sometimes, to leave them on read and to realize when it is time to just walk away. There is nothing wrong with walking away from a situation that is not mutually beneficial. By nature, men are hunters, which mean they enjoy the chase, and if they don't have to chase anymore, they won't — and it's the sad truth.

They will most often than not, want to come back into your life once you are already gone, and running back to them is often the first instinct. But remember the reason you walked away, and be strong enough to stick with that decision.

Your college years are the best years of your life and you should never let a guy come between you and your happiness. It is easier said than done to walk away from someone you have feelings for, but letting them mistreat you just isn't worth it. Your time is valuable in general and don't waste your energy. Being lonely could very well be the reason why people settle for less, because the concept of any attention, is better than no attention, is what is gone after.

It is OK to be alone. It might be hard but isn't that better than crying over someone who leaves you questioning yourself and the decision you made to put so much effort into them.

Use this time to focus on yourself and better yourself, for you. No one will love you until you love yourself, and once you have established self-love, you will settle for nothing less than you deserve. A good guy is worth the wait, even if the people around you are in relationships or it is "cuffing" season.

No matter the situation, follow your gut and don't ignore the signs that he isn't the one

There is nothing wrong with you, he just needs to work on himself

The right guy is out there, and you are worthy of love.

Good things take time.

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