Stop Complaining About F*ckboys And Be Grateful They’re In Your Life

Stop Complaining About F*ckboys And Be Grateful They’re In Your Life

OK fine, you can still complain sometimes.

By now, there probably aren’t many f*ckboys I haven’t crossed paths with: f*ckboys from class, f*ckboys who don’t initially seem like f*ckboys, f*ckboys who wanted to date but later decided not to, and f*ckboys who are very obviously f*ckboys but for some reason, you want them anyway. You name the type, and I’ve probably encountered at least one.

But even though f*ckboys suck, we still put up with them.

And while I’m incredibly guilty of complaining about f*ckboys, I recently realized that instead, I should be grateful for them because the lessons they’ve reinforced over the past three years have been invaluable.

(Note: I'm not saying you can't learn these lessons elsewhere. I'm merely suggesting that since f*ckboys are now a dime a dozen, you might as well reap some benefit of inevitable heartache.)

It's because of f*ckboys that I’ve been reassured that not everyone deserves another chance.

I’ve always been incredibly forgiving, and as a result, I dole out second chances quite often. Unfortunately, second chances usually become third, fourth, and fifth chances. There isn’t one excuse in the book that I haven’t used when it comes to explaining to friends why I’m taking back F*ckboy #3 for the tenth time.

If you’re like me, then realize you’re making excuses for these boys in hopes that they’ll magically change overnight. Then, understand that they won’t change—not because you didn’t try hard enough, but because they never wanted to change in the first place (no matter how often they claim otherwise).

Also realize that you’ll probably respect and care for them more than they respect and care for you.

Not everyone in life will treat you with equal respect, and that’s fine. But if one more person tells me that I signed up for poor treatment because I’m part of the hookup culture, I promise I'll scream. Basic human decency is not an outrageous request.

F*ckboy or not, I’m not asking you to make me the center of your world; I’m simply asking you to treat me with the same care and respect you present your friends.

But the most important thing to remember about f*ckboys is that you’re never the only girl.

Stop being naive and internalize this. If you’re not exclusive with someone, there’s likely someone else. Hell, even the committed ones can be sketchy these days. Be careful. There are amazing people out there, but if you’re f*cking with a f*ckboy, don’t be fooled.

For the past three years, I've been handed some of the sh*ttiest people. But to all the f*ckboys (past, present, and future): thank you. It’s because of you all that I’m stronger, smarter, and less tolerant of all of your bullsh*t.

Don’t get me wrong, I want you in my life for various reasons, and I'll likely still complain from time to time. But just know that girls are only becoming more well-versed in your games. So give it your best shot.

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Why Girls Love The Dad Bod

If your man can rock the dad bod, he's a keeper.


In case you haven't noticed lately, girls are all about that dad bod.

Girls have been dealing with body image issues since the beginning of time until recent (for those of you who consider yourselves to be "Thick thin") I hadn't heard about this body type until my roommate mentioned it. She used to be crazy over guys she claimed had the dad bod.

After observing the guys she found attractive, I came to understand this body type well and was able to identify it. The dad bod is a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. The dad bod says, "I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time." It's not an overweight guy, but it isn't one with washboard abs, either.

The dad bod is a new trend and fraternity boys everywhere seem to be rejoicing. Turns out skipping the gym for a few brews last Thursday after class turned out to be in their favor. While we all love a sculpted guy, there is just something about the dad bod that makes boys seem more human, natural, and attractive. Here are a few reasons that girls are crazy about the dad bod.

It doesn't intimidate us.
Few things are worse than taking a picture in a bathing suit, one being taking a picture in a bathing suit with a guy who is crazy fit. We don't want a guy that makes us feel insecure about our body. We are insecure enough as it is. We don't need a perfectly sculpted guy standing next to us to make us feel worse.

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We like being the pretty one.
We love people saying "they look cute together." But we still like being the center of attention. We want to look skinny and the bigger the guy, the smaller we feel and the better we look next to you in a picture.

Better cuddling.
No one wants to cuddle with a rock. Or Edward Cullen. The end.

Good eats.
The dad bod says he doesn't meal prep every Sunday night so if you want to go to Taco Tuesday or $4 pitcher Wednesday, he'd be totally down. He's not scared of a cheat meal because he eats just about anything and everything.

You know what you're getting.
Girls tend to picture their future together with their guys early on. Therefore, if he already has the dad bod going on, we can get used to it before we date him, marry him, have three kids. We know what we are getting into when he's got the same exact body type at the age of 22 that he's going to have at 45.

So there you go. A simple break down of why girls everywhere are going nuts over this body type on males. We like it. We love it. We want some more of it. So here's to you dad bods, keep it up. Men, confidently strut that gut on the beach because while you stare at us in our bikinis we will be staring just as hard.

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12 Signs Your Boo Is Also Your Best Friend

It's like those two-in-one shampoos, but better.


After the honeymoon phase, relationships can start to get real. Suddenly you two are up in the wee hours of the night going to town.... on an extra-large pizza, and feeling no shame in having pizza grease smeared across your face. It's during these times that you realize they really are your best friend.

1. Gifts start becoming more practical

This doesn't mean you have to stop giving the mushy gifts, but after a certain point, you start thinking about more sensible gifts that you know they really needs.

2. You can practically read each other's minds

A look can mean a million different things, but when they're your bestie, they know exactly what you're thinking.

3. Things like morning breath are much smaller issues

You start getting much more comfortable with them, and that means there is less of a rush to get to the bathroom and freshen up because you are confident that they don't really mind. Although, that shouldn't stop you from brushing your teeth.

4. You don't need to be talking 24/7

You don't need constant reassurance that they love you and want to talk, you can go hours without speaking and still trust their word.

5. There is a healthy roast-to-swoon ratio

Having a true best friend within your boyfriend means that you can tell him how much you love him but also tease him for something embarrassing he has done in the same sentence, and it's wonderful.

6. You reach a new level of honesty

New relationships are filled with small white lies about what you feel like doing or whether or not you like the outfit they're wearing, but best friends are much more likely to be honest.

7. There is less caution towards messy foods

If you've never ordered salads or other non-mess dishes on the first few dates to avoid looking messy, more power to you. If you're like the rest of us, you know this is a real struggle. Being best friends opens the door to a judgement-free eating environment, yum!

8. You can easily spend time together without being handsy

After awhile, you don't feel the need to be touching all the time like you would in the honeymoon phase. You are cool to sit next to each other but not be all over one another.

9. They are the first person you go to for advice, even when you know you're in the wrong

When he's also your best friend, you start sharing problems with him that may even make you look bad, because you know he will offer the best advice without looking at you differently.

10. Nights in are more appealing than ever before

This means you can drop the standards for pricy date nights and stay inside with a movie without feeling guilty.

11. You venture into territory that some may label "gross"

You're much more likely to personally pick something out of your boyfriends teeth when you're also best friends. It's not gross to you guys, though.

12. You've stuck around when things get really tough

You're a lot less likely to give up when he is also your best friend. This means sticking around when things are really hard. Relationships are hard sometimes, but you're in it for the long run.

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