Babe, It Isn't Selfish To Stop Caring What Others Think Of You
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Babe, It Isn't Selfish To Stop Caring What Others Think Of You

I have stopped trying to please other people, and no, that doesn't make me selfish.

Babe, It Isn't Selfish To Stop Caring What Others Think Of You

If you have ever read one of my other articles, then you have probably already read that I deal with anxiety and depression. During all of my teenage years, especially pre-teenage years, I struggled with constantly comparing myself with other people and trying to please others. Whether it was because someone was skinnier than me or had perfectly straight hair, I wanted what they had, regardless if it was something I could change or not.

This cycle of unhealthy thinking began to damage not only my self-esteem but also my relationships with others.

I found that I couldn't hang out with my friends as much because I would spend the whole time comparing myself to them. I mean, I had (and still have) some pretty hot friends, so it was really hard to not constantly measure myself up to them.

It wasn't until my senior year that this kind of thinking just dwindled away. Now, I still find myself comparing my life to others or trying to please people, but it isn't my main focus anymore. I can't recall a specific event that made me not want to care what others thought of me, but I'm grateful regardless. The never-ending cycle of wanting what others had did nothing but damage, and I hope you can understand that. I know so many young girls and boys who are trying to grow up too fast because others around them seem to have it all. In the long run, they will only miss out on being their true, authentic self that the world needs.

I wish I had understood that being my unique self was good enough earlier on in life.

Whoever you are and wherever you go, remember to just be yourself. I know this phrase seems cliché and overused because truthfully, it is. A lot of the media throws it around but doesn't truly understand and support the message. When anyone hears this message yet is shown the "ideal" body or life, it can make them just shut off the message. From me though, one who has struggled with constant comparison her whole life, it is a quote I wish everyone would live by. If you take anything from this, just remember that being your authentic self is important, and you can do this with your head held high by not caring what others are thinking of you.

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