Stop Burning Your Nike Clothing And Try These 3 Things Instead

Since Nike launched their new sponsor, Colin Kaepernick, the internet has been set ablaze (figuratively and literally) as people are reaching for their Nike brand clothing items and destroying the expensive gear. I'm perfectly fine with people expressing their freedom of opinion, BUT don't you think that burning thousands of dollars worth of clothes is too much?!

If not, I hope I can convince you to set down the lighter and do something more productive with you discarded sweat pants. Here's the thing, if you can afford Nike, you're more fortunate than a lot of working-class Americans. as well as children who don't have a jacket for the cold winter months. Here are three things you can do with that neon sweatshirt and $200 pair of shoes that can actually do some good in this world:

1. Donate it to your local shelter

What?! Donate it?!

Yep, give it away.

In every single state. there are shelters for the homeless, as well as some for women who have survived abuse and neglect. Don't burn what you're fortunate enough to buy. Just give it to someone and make them smile.

It's ridiculous that we live in a world that decides to destroy items JUST because of the sponsor. If you don't agree with it. don't wear it and give it to someone who will and who would want it more than you do.

2. Give it to a school in need

Think about when you were in elementary school. Were you the kid that could afford name brand clothing, or did you have to wear hand-me-downs and Old Navy?

Too many kids, even high schoolers, unfortunately, have to go to school without jackets, sweaters, and are wearing sandals in freezing weather because their parents can't afford to buy them new shoes. That's not their fault. It's just the situation some families have to face. But wouldn't it be nice to surprise a local student with a new pair of shoes that keep their feet warm and a jacket that makes them feel confident walking to school?

There are year-round programs open to the public to collect clothing items for their students.

3. Give it to a friend

And finally, if you don't want to do either of the above things, just give it to a friend to make them happy. Do you know if their birthday's coming up? There you go. Even if they don't, just be like, "Hey, you want this tee?" and there you go. It's gone so that you never have to look at that dastardly swoosh logo EVER again.

In all seriousness, please stop burning your clothing just to make a statement and film a video for the internet. It's only temporary and doesn't affect anyone but you and the torched shirt. You already bought it, so Nike isn't batting an eye at your angry tweets. Just don't buy their clothing. Instead, do a selfless act for someone else. Replace your hate with kindness. It's that simple.

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