Why does society always blame the girl? In any unfavorable situation, the woman is solely held responsible. The man or men involved get away so fast. Why does this happen? Society. Our society as a whole lets this happen every single time. It focuses so much on blaming the woman, that the man gets away without any consequences. For example, when a marriage fails or a divorce takes place, society immediately blames the woman for not being good enough. When a girl gets raped, society says she asked for it because of what she wore. But society needs to pause and understand that men can be wrong.

Failed marriages and divorce

According to society, it is always the wife's responsibly to maintain her relationship with her husband. She has to make sure that he is happy with her and the things that she does, such a take care of their family and cook because if the husband's happy, then the marriage is considered a good, happy one and she's doing her job right.

Hence, when something goes wrong in a relationship, society always points its fingers at the woman. After all, she is solely responsible for the whole relationship. Without any authentication, people assume the wife wasn't good enough for her husband. She probably could not cook well or please her husband or have kids. It has to be her.

Society needs to realize that both people are responsible for a relationship and marriage. If the relationship is healthy and they are the married couple goals, it is because both people make each other happy and communicate thoroughly. If the relationship is falling apart, that means that both people are lacking communication with each other. It is never just one person's fault. Society needs to stop pointing fingers at the women when their marriage falls apart. Society needs to understand that a man can be lacking for a woman just as much.


Whenever a woman gets raped, she is said to be at fault. Society starts to evaluate how much makeup she was wearing, how low her top was, how short her skirt was, what she was doing, and so much more. They find something to label her as a slut and make that the reason of why she got raped. Then, not only does she have to live with that unforgetful incident, but she also has to deal with the society treating her differently and judging her.

The boy who committed such a disgusting thing will get away so fast and move on with his life. The society won't even remember what he did, but at the same time, will continue to make the girl feel bad.

Society needs to realize that its never the rape victim's fault. It doesn't matter what the girl wears or how much makeup she has on or how late at night she is out. She can wear and do whatever her heart desires. Society needs to teach the men to learn to respect women, teach them that no means no, and teach them what consent is. Society needs to stop blaming the girls and learn to sympathize with them and teach boys something.

Stop blaming the women for everything negative that happens and understand that men can be wrong and it can be their fault.