I am a nineteen-year-old girl who attends an extremely liberal university. Every day I see and hear the word feminism or that the future is female and so many other overly empowering words and phrases about being a woman. It's not that I am not proud of who I am and how far women have come in our society, but every day I see women out stepping their social boundaries and just reversing the roles of our unequal past.

Women are chanting, protesting and practically begging for equality. But, if that were true they wouldn't be repressing men in the process or acting like it's their time and their time only. If women want to be men's equal, then we need to start portraying it that way. Saying 'The Future is Female' is not equality. The future should be equally female as it is male. Maybe some women don't understand the multiple ways this phrase can be interpreted, but it can sound very deceiving.

I am all for equality in the workplace, equal pay and treatment, and equality all around, but I don't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops. That shouldn't mean that I am anti-feminist shamed. I am tired of other women putting me down and making me feel less and like I am not empowered because I don't support Hillary Clinton or wear a 'nasty woman' t-shirt to class.

Women need to figure out equality between themselves before trying to get it between men and women. Girls like me are not the enemy, we are on the same boat as every other woman. Just because I support our president does not mean I don't have self-respect or hate myself for being a white female in college.

I don't need to be holding up a sign that says 'men ain't shit' to believe in equal rights. I don't have to hate Donald Trump to want equality for women. I do not have to feel guilty for not speaking out every chance I get about women's rights to be an empowered woman. Stop anti-feminist shaming women who are comfortable with themselves and their surroundings. Practice equality as much as you preach it.