Stone Mountain Hike vs Lift
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Stone Mountain Hike vs Lift

How to find the suitable route for you.

Stone Mountain Hike vs Lift

The hike up Stone Mountain it can be a leisurely trek for some or it can be like telling yourself, "I’ll make it to the top without looking back!" then turning right around. It can be a person’s exercise for the day and for others the regular addition to a natural routine. The thing that is advisable before starting this path up Stone Mountain is to have a bottle of water ready so you don’t become dehydrated. I have been up Stone Mountain quite a few times and with various people. It is a really fun experience; newcomers might see it as something that makes them feel nervous especially since one of the path to reach the top is a steeper variation that another route that can be taken. Mind you this steep path has a railing but it can be a bit overwhelming the first time. The most eventful part of going up Stone Mountain is most likely the moment when you take your last few steps to get to the top and then glance around and survey the scenery around you. Often when I am at the top I think Stone Mountain looks just like the moon because it has these craters and dips the only difference is that there is moss is certain areas and in the dips there are sometimes these little pools of water. The thing about Stone Mountain the hike is it can be viewed as being similar to the trails and walks that existed around Stone Mountain except for the fact that it is uphill so more of your leg muscles and back are used than anything. Lifting one leg after another upon boulders and rocks and stepping away to avoid the roots where the trees are it a challenge against yourself almost to try and not trip while doing the hike. I find that problem exists also when doing regular trails but when you are walking uphill there is more of a chance of falling upwards or even backwards than there is to fall straight down. It gets hot really easily when walking up Stone Mountain especially if one or a group decides to not travel to get there early in the morning. You might be more tired but it is worth it to travel and start the hike earlier because it is cooler than in the afternoon. Wear proper shoes that is another piece of advice because of the loose rocks or the roots as mentioned before if flimsy shoes are worn there is a chance you will fall and it’s better to be and feel stable as possible when doing this type of exercise. The one difference of enjoying Stone Mountain is the hike to reach the top versus the easy way up which is taking the Sky Lift, which if you are not familiar with it it is a cable car that connects to a line that transports a person from the base where the little booth building structure is where the tickets are sold up directly to the top of the mountain. Believe me I have done a series of combination between hiking up the mountain first and then taking the lift down or vice versa taking the lift first and then hiking down. Both are enjoyable but I guess walking both up and down is double the experience and that can be exciting too. If the Sky Lift is new to you then sure go ahead and test it out. Though it also may not be for everyone either because it can be a bit rocky sometimes, and then other thing is once you get on it there are many people on it at once the maximum amount the staff allows but it can be a bit close so if you are claustrophobic it might not be the best route for those type of people to take. The lift is still an event within itself and since there are guides that talk about the mountain on your way up it’s a learning moment too.

The thing that I could compare Stone Mountain to the best that gives me a similar experience would probably have to be skiing because there is a lift just like Stone Mountain except of course you ski your way back down to the base of the mountain. The thing about skiing though is that it is done repeatedly and you can get better or worse depending of the amount of times one practices but with Stone Mountain I believe many people might just go up or down it or both and that be it, or that could just be my family that does that, but I don’t think it is a continuous trip unless that person makes it that way specifically. The pace one goes up the mountain is up to them to decide as well if going fast is not your thing then don’t there is no pressure and no need to strain yourself. It is just there to have a good time and get a bit of exercise in. I like walking trails in general so that is possibly one of the reason why I enjoy going up Stone Mountain. It is also an activity I get to spend time with my family doing it together. Finding a pastime or an activity in which one can do with others and have fun is something that many should try to get out and do. It can be anything and for me Stone Mountain has that impact on my life the same with walking on park trails or going to some sport and trying that out. It can difficult at first but it may be a good thing in the long run. It is an accomplish and something that once you reach the top or finish you feel good about what you have done and that is how this activity makes me feel inspirited and I’m sure many can relate but with a different activity!

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