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I Am 20-Years-Old And Still Know Every Single One Direction Song, Word For Word

I am not afraid to admit this fact but maybe slightly embarrassed.

I Am 20-Years-Old And Still Know Every Single One Direction Song, Word For Word

One Direction was a huge part of my life from middle school through high school. I listened to their songs every single day for the entire day. When I would get home from school, I would watch videos of them until I fell asleep.

I was one of those crazy fangirls who had a Twitter, Instagram, and every other account possible, dedicated to them in hopes of one day being noticed. It never happened, but I did get really popular on Twitter — at least I have that to come out of this.

However, to my 13-year-old self, One Direction was more than a band, it was a lifestyle. I was a hardcore Directioner. Now, seven years later, I realize how crazy I was. But hey, everyone has their weird phases right?

I saw One Direction three times in concert. You bet I sobbed every single time, like, I just absolutely adored them. I remember when the lights would go out at Soldier Field and hear the first beat of a song, I would scream at the top of my lungs as I get this super weird feeling. Seeing the people you idolize so much in person is truly an awesome experience.

I would cry, I would laugh, and I would scream. I do all of that normally, but it is hyped up to eight million at a concert.

To this day, I love One Direction. If I hear a song on the radio or it comes up when I shuffle my music, I feel really nostalgic. I remember sitting in my room at 15 with posters covering my walls, headphones in, and just jamming. All throughout middle school and high school, I remember crying over my loves.

If I was going through something, there was a song for that. There still is, to be honest. I know I am 20, but so were they during their last two albums. Now, more than ever, I can actually relate.

I'm still heartbroken about their breakup; I don't think I've fully gotten over the fact they went their separate ways. But, you know what? I know, when I am 30 or something, they will do a reunion tour. Guess what? I will be sitting in the front row, wasted and sobbing as I relive my fangirl days. God, I look forward to that day. I will embarrass my children and take them with me; it's going to be awesome.

On a side note, I wonder if this is how my mom feels when she obnoxiously sings Backstreet Boys in the car and makes everyone look at us...Hm, interesting.

I think people like to make girls who obsess over boy bands feel stupid because they will never know the boys or their music is tacky. But let's be real here, One Direction is sick. So, to everyone who used to talk crap to me about hanging posters in my room, carrying folders and notebooks with their faces, crying and learning all the words to every song (released or unreleased), just know I am doing good and I still love my boys.

Honesty, One Direction was not just another boyband — they were truly an era. I am super glad I got to be a part of it. Even though I am 20 and still know every word to every song ever, I am still "Something Great."

Oh, and don't even get me started with 5 Seconds of Summer...

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