Feminism Won't Stop Fighting In 2017
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Feminism Won't Stop Fighting In 2017

"I can do anything a man can do."

Feminism Won't Stop Fighting In 2017
The New York Times

It is 2017. We, as a society, as a world, should not still be questioning the power and strength of women, in comparison to men. There should not be a comparison between the two, at least in this regard. We are equal. We always have been.

I can do anything a man can do. In fact, I have some unique abilities that a man cannot do, no matter how hard he might try. I have the ability to give birth. I have the ability to menstruate. And I have the ability to breastfeed. These traits make me unique, and although I am not always grateful for them, I am proud of them.

I write this article in response to a tweet I saw on my timeline, one that questioned the ability of a woman to be a leader as opposed to a man. There is no question whether or not a man or a woman is a better leader. It does not depend on their gender. It depends on their personality traits, experiences, and abilities, none of which find root in their anatomy.

Sir, I ask that you examine the women in your life. Your mother. Your grandmother. A neighbor. A sister. Any of them. Do you look at them and automatically question their authority? Do you automatically decide not to listen to the words that come out of their mouth just because they are differently anatomically then you?

If you do, I feel sorry for you. Because you will never learn to understand people if you can’t understand some of the most important people in your life simply due to their gender. That’s a shame. You are alienating so many great people that could have made a huge impact on your life. But that’s your decision and I respect it.

Women are strong. So are men. Women can be leaders. So can men. I don’t hate men, and I never have. But I am sick of people questioning my intelligence, my ability to do certain tasks, or my moods based on the fact that I am female. I don’t know how to do everything. I’m not good at everything. But that isn’t because I’m a female. It’s because I lack practice or certain qualities.

I have been a section leader. I have been in the National Honors Society. I am a treasurer for a group at my university. I am an author. I am a Dean’s List student. I am a musician who has placed first in state and district competitions. I am a mental health advocate. I am a sister. I am a daughter. I am a woman. And if you have a problem with that, you can leave.
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