Still A Virgin And There is Nothing Wrong With That
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If You're Still A Virgin There Is Nothing Wrong With That–You Should Never Put A Time Frame On Love

The more you rush it, the less special it will be

If You're Still A Virgin There Is Nothing Wrong With That–You Should Never Put A Time Frame On Love
Normanie Javella Mitchell

VIRGINITY, VIRGINITY, VIRGINITY... Oh yes... I said the V word. There is a lot of meaning behind this word. There are a lot of opinions in the world about this. There are a lot of people who make being a virgin a negative thing and not really caring about it in this generation. I think this is why there is a lot of hostility, jealousy, hate, and fighting between people and relationships. I notice people don't value themselves anymore. I feel the expectations and standards are too low. Not only just in relationships or "flings," but within one's self.

I feel people also need to realize being a virgin and what virginity actually mean. I don't think people seem to wrap their head around the meaning of being a virgin and what it is designed for. People automatically assume that "Oh it is just having sex for the first time." It is that, but a lot of people don't see the other side beside the physical part of it. They may see the intense moments as only being uncomfortable of showing one's body to each other and that's it and they'll get over it. They may also only think of it as being scared of pain etc.

The other side of it is the emotional part that actually makes it more complicated. I believe the emotional part of virginity is more intense than the actual sexual act. Think of it this way when thinking of your losing or wanting to save your virginity. The physical part is done and over within a certain amount of time. Then notice how the emotional part will stay with you for who knows how long. Notice how you are prone to always thinking about your partner? Feeling closer to them? Being more open to them? Showing other sides of you? The attachment? The bond?

People can be so quick to lose their virginity because they want to feel like they are valued in some way. There can be so many personal factors for why they may feel that way. They may have not felt loved growing up or they were surrounding by certain things and they will find some way to cope with the pain. In general, people these days may feel very insecure and they use "love" as a way of fulfilling that happiness. It can be complicated when choosing to lose one's virginity for the wrong reasons. It can come with a lot of regrets and still the same feelings are still there because it is a temporary feeling.

What I mean by temporary feeling is, if a person is only trying to lose their virginity to make themselves feel better for what they may be going through, not a lot of people are aware that sex is temporary. It's not what makes up the relationship or happiness. It is made to show the other side of you to become closer to your soulmate. It is made to spread the love and emotion to someone else. How are you gonna give your all to someone, and you don't even know what to give to yourself? You're not even in the process of knowing what you need to give to yourself in order to share it with someone else.

That is why I must say, for all of you virgins out there, ask yourself why you are a virgin. Use that as a tool and turn it into a blessing. It can be used as an outlet as a way for you to realize that you want to be at a certain level with yourself. Focusing on yourself and seeing what you need to work on within yourself first. So that way, when you finally meet the one who you are going to lose it to, it will actually be better. You'll know that your ready and you can clearly see the reasons why it is okay now. The more you rush it, the less special it will be. You won't get the true meaning out of losing your virginity if you rush it. If you wait and take it slow, you'll love yourself even more for valuing yourself and not letting yourself go to waste.

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