There are a plethora of heroes in this world; many of whom go unseen and unheard. There some heroes that, however, do enter into the spotlight, and inspire many for years to come. When I was younger, one of my first heroes was Steve Irwin: the Crocodile Hunter. He, sadly, passed away ten years ago. I was surprised to realize that this week, it has been ten years since his untimely passing. I, for one, am still in shock. Growing up, he was one of my first ever heroes, and was, ultimately, a leading reason as to why I am an animal lover. I learned many interesting tidbits from his show; some not about animals. For example, I learned that if a woman is craving pickles and ice cream, she may be pregnant. (It was in the episode in which they found out that Terri, his second wife, was pregnant with their second child).

At the time, Iwrin's death was shock to everyone . He was killed by a sting ray, of all things; death was a million in one shot. Iwrin had worked with animals easily ten times more dangerous than a sting ray, and survived. Unfortunately, as a result of his tragic death many sting rays were mutilated in retaliation; something that Iwrin wouldn't have wanted. He once said:

"I have no fear of losing my life - if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it."

However tragic, Iwrin died doing what he loved; and his family is making sure that he legacy goes on forever. His daughter, Bindi, continues to be a part of his legacy by continuing his work to this very day. Thank you for what you have gifted us Steve, you are still missed to this day.