"Stranger Things" took the world by storm when it first premiered in 2016. It recently kicked off its third season which broke records, accumulating 26.4 million viewers in the first four days of its premiere.

Although there are MANY "Stranger Things" from all over the world, there is something they can all agree on: Steve Harrington is the BEST character from the series.

I mean, what's not to like about him? He's a fighter, a hard worker, a lover and practically the best mom anyone can ask for!

So now that it's a universal agreement that Steve Harrington is the BEST fictional character, here are XX pieces of Steve Harrington merchandise every single Steve Harrington lover needs in their life:

1. A Steve Harrington Body Pillow

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Get your hands on this Steve Harrington body pillow and you will never feel lonesome at night ever again.

2. A cute Steve Harrington FunKo Pop


Since you can't have the real Steve Harrington, you might as well settle for the next best thing... Right?

3. This stylish Steve Harrington shirt


Show your love for Steve Harrington with pride!

4. This super cool Steve Harrington enamel pin


Stick this pin ANYWHERE and carry Steve everywhere you go.

5. A Steve Harrington inspired candle


Who wouldn't want their room smelling like pomegranate, black cedar, and hairspray aka the sensational scent of Steve Harrington?

6. An adorable Steve Harrington plush

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It does not get any cuter than THIS!

7. This hilarious Steve Harrington "Mom Of The Year" mug


Drink your coffee with pure bliss with this hilarious mug!

8. These Steve Harrington socks


Keep your feet cozy and warm with these one of a kind socks!

9. A Steve Harrington blanket


Curl up with this Steve Harrington blanket as you watch the man in action on your television.

10. This incredibly stylish Steve Harrington iron on patch


Add style to your jean jackets, backpacks or anything else you please with this wonderful Steve Harrington iron on patch.