15 Steps To Follow To Find Your Personal Style
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15 Steps You Should Take To Find Your Personal Style In Your 20s

A basic guide to fashion, confidence, and YOU.

15 Steps You Should Take To Find Your Personal Style In Your 20s
Gabriel Rye

We all have that friend, that girl, or that Instagram model who we want to emulate based on their personal style. Here's a quick 15-step guide to finding your own style that'll allow you to showcase your voice and originality, without having to follow the status-quo! By no means do I consider myself a fashion role model, but I have been able to find my own style through adopting the following steps, especially with the help of my fashion major friends who have guided me along the way!

1. Have confidence.

Kylee Sweeney

Confidence is key. Before you can rock your new kicks or that awesome 70s vintage tee, you have to be confident in yourself. Confidence is a key to success and it begins with YOU. Forget the haters, your mom's opinion of your outfit, the comments on your morality - the outfit you chose to wear is an expression of your voice! Speak Boldly! My friend and fashion go-to,Kylee Sweeney, does this in the photo above by showcasing her pink camo self-tied shirt and matching pink bandana.

2. Find a pair of rockin' kicks.

Personal Photo

We all know Filas and big oversized platform sneakers are trending right now. I chose to get a pair of chunky white Filas for my go-to shoes because of all the walking I do on my trips - but any sneaker, wedge, heel, or flat can be your go-to! Find a pair that matches your wardrobe or taste, and then you'll be able to seamlessly tie together any outfit from head to toe!


Personal Photo

Athleisure is totally trending and it's a great way to find cute outfits with no effort. With a pair of track pants and a basic white crop top, anyone can hit the gym, go to class, or even hit the club wearing the same outfit! If you are searching for your style or even just want fast outfits to throw on, try to piece some athletic wear together with your go-to kicks and you should be ready to roll! In the picture above, I have on navy blue sweatpants with double white stripes down the sides, paired with a white v-neck crop-top with shoulder caps, and some Adidas tennis shoes. This outfit was great for walking the streets of Italy over the summer, but I've also worn it to class.

4. Don't be afraid of patterns.

Personal Photo

Many times the fashion industry throws patterned clothing out into the market, leaving the average consumer confused about how to style it. When shopping, many girls stay away from patterns to not draw attention, or they do not know how to wear them. My advice is to not be afraid of patterns and to try something new! With checkered board, animal, and camo print all back in style, now is the time to try something new and embrace the fashion world! In the picture above, I tried to experiment with patterns by wearing a plaid skirt with a light pink buttoned top.

5. Belts are back. 

Kelli Blaisdell

Belts are back and can spruce up any outfit in an instant! Try wearing a belt to add some style to your wardrobe. In this photo, my friend Kelli Blaisdell is pictured wearing a simple black crop top with trendy cat-eye sunglasses - the look is compleated with a solid black belt!

6. Black is always the move. 

Personal Photo

Black is timeless and makes anyone wearing it look not only slimmer but also classy. Here, I'm wearing a black T-shirt dress with an over-the-shoulder black Michael Kors handbag. When I can't figure out what to wear, I always throw on jeans and a black top or black jeans and a simple tied T-shirt. You just can never go wrong with black, especially if you are going for a more low-profile or minimalistic look!

7. Funky pants!

Personal Photo

Trying to spice up your closet or add some color? Patterned pants, velvet or suede pants, and even bell-bottomed jeans are all the rage right now! When in Colombia, the heat was crazy, but I found some light-weight and breathable striped pants (pictured above) that were so comfortable and ended up being my favorite fashion piece! This fall, I already have some red suede high-waisted bell-bottomed pants I cannot wait to wear!

8. Add layers...to anything.

Emma Rice

Layers add dimension and style to any outfit! Here is my friend, Emma Rice, showcasing her use of pattern and color in both layered looks! The red pants and leopard print jacket really set this look apart from anything I've ever seen before - and I think I'm in love! The black outfit on the right is also perfect if you're going for a minimalistic and mysterious vibe.

9. Sunglasses are a MUST!

Unsplash / Frankie Cordoba

Sunglasses add flair and personality to any outfit! Sunglasses are also personal because of how they fit each person's face! I strongly suggest you find a pair of your favorite sunglasses to rock with any outfit! The girl pictured above found a pair of sunglasses that compliment her face and add their own personal flare!

10. It's OK to be unconventional.

Personal Photo

Wow! Look how unique and amazing my friends are (pictured above)! Each one of them represents a unique and different style! One of the reasons I decided to follow this guide myself is so that I could also find my own style because I want to emulate my friends so much, while also adding a personal touch to my style!

11. Coats can be statements!

Personal Photo

Most coats are black or white, simple and sturdy. Yet, the coat that my friend Emma is wearing above has fur, color, length, and dimension adding to Emma's overall style! Most coat sales are about to get started for autumn, so maybe you can look online and get some good deals before prices skyrocket!

12. Try out a hat or beanie.

Personal Photo

Hats are such a fun and cute accessory that'll make any outfit your own! I usually always rock a ball cap to class and a beanie in the winter! This summer hat is adorable though!

13. Experiment with makeup.

Unsplash / Nick Arnot

Makeup can completely change the look and vibe of an outfit. To dress things down you can go for simple makeup, and other times you can use different eye shadows and bold lipsticks (like the red seen in this photo) to add color and style to your look!

14. Try out new hair colors.

Allie Rispoli

Isn't blue such a fun color? My friend Allie Rispoli rocked blue hair all summer at music festivals and absolutely loved it! Maybe a different hair color could be part of finding your voice through fashion!

15. Always have fun!

Personal Photo

Last, but not least, HAVE FUN! Clearly this is a photo of me being weird and silly, but when it comes to fashion, anything goes and you have a sea of possibilities to express yourself.

While these tips and tricks have helped me discover my own fashion style, they have also helped me uncover my own voice. My ability to forget what others think of me and embrace my true tastes and interests instead. I hope each person reading this can be empowered to feel the same way I do. How you dress, look, and feel is all up to you. You have the power to express yourself in anyway possible and the upcoming fall is a great time to do that! Best of luck to you all and share any of your new style pics with the hashtag #withagrainofrye or #odysseyonline ! I love your support and hope you continue to read the various posts from not only myself but also my fellow student writers at Odyssey!

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