Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary. But it can also be a game changer. Here are 5 ways I went out of my comfort zone and thrived.

1. Audition for Theater Productions

I absolutely love theater. It's an amazing feeling being on stage and being someone other than yourself. I am a very shy person, it took me years to be able to confidently step on stage. I have taken drama all throughout high school and some classes in college and I felt the most confident my senior year of high school and in my college theater classes.

I also took theater classes outside of school in Los Angeles to get professional help in acting and overcoming my stage fright. I must admit, I would probably never audition for a lead role because I'm not that confident but you would definitely see me auditioning for a supporting role or a tree...

2. Ballet

I had always wanted to do ballet. Unfortunately, my parents had three kids and not weren't making enough money at the time to get me into ballet classes. I finally took a class at my community college last semester and I loved it. My parents have now offered to pay for my classes this summer if I want to continue ballet.

I also might take a course here on campus next semester if I can because I really enjoy ballet and I hope to eventually master pointe (but that's going to take a while).

3. Cheer

Cheerleading is also something I have always wanted to do but after I tried out for the cheer team in 5th grade and didn't make it, I never tried out again...anywhere. Ever since I felt like I wasn't good enough, but I'm older now and I think I can handle being rejected from the cheer team a lot better than I did when I was like ten. So with that being said, I do plan on trying out next semester but if I don't make it then I'll officially give up on this.

4. School Clubs

We are lucky here at Syracuse to have so many opportunities to take advantage of. I want to start next semester by getting involved in school activities and I'm glad I have so many clubs and organizations to choose to be a part of. I haven't decided on which clubs I want to be part of yet, but I am for sure going to join a couple.

5. Rush 

Now I have always said I would probably never join greek life because I felt like I wouldn't exactly fit in, but there's a sorority out there for everyone and it can be the start of something great. I have done my research and there are a couple of sororities whose philanthropies mean a lot to me and I would love to be a part of, so here I am contradicting myself and I'm going to rush anyway. Also, my dad was a part of Greek life while he went to Syracuse and although he doesn't want me to rush I feel like I need that college experience, sorry dad.