If you are considering coming to Stephens, here are some great reasons to say "yes!" and if you're in the theatre program at Stephens you already know how great all of these things are!

1. Robbie snacks - during every show

Rob Doyen (the greatest human being on the planet) provides a basket of pretzels and M&M's for the cast and crew. Of course, they're quite popular so get to them before intermission or you're not getting any.

2. We have the best costume team ever.

These women do not get enough credit! The costumes always look amazing and a lot of pieces are actually built by them!

3. You graduate in three years.

Enough said.

4. And the best part of graduating in three years is that you dedicate two summers completely to your craft.

STI is a nice program to train you to get to that next level in college and Boji teaches you how to work in the professional world - who wouldn't want that?

5. Brilliant guest artists.

Our faculty want us to work with the best so they are always bringing in someone new to work with. This semester we have Grammy and Emmy award winning composer, conductor, arranger and musical director, Paul Bogaev.

6. We're the sixth best program in the nation according to the Princeton Review

7. Lots of casting opportunities!

Between the Macklanburg, the Warehouse, and TRYPS, there are always auditions going on!

8. The Warehouse Theater is run completely by students.

And therefore gives students an opportunity to produce and direct their own shows.

9. Maude's always got your back.

When you're onstage and just need that bit of encouragement, just look to Maude's picture and you'll automatically feel better.

10. Your teachers, love, encourage, and inspire you.

All of the teachers have worked in the professional world and would do anything to see you succeed.