When coming into college, I didn't have anyone from home with me. I was forced out of my comfort zone and thrown into new friendships. At first, it was a confusing time because I knew these girls but nothing about them. Little did I know that these girls who I met would be such crutial components in keeping my sanity in the midst of drowning in work. From all nighters on the weekend to hiking adventures, to going out of the weekends, I found my home with these girls. The number one thing I have learned throughout all of college is that your relationships with others is the most important part.

During college, you will need people to lean on during times of uncertainty because you don't have the same comfort zone as you did at home. Create a new home away from home. Find friendships and build them. Go get coffee with someone you don't know too well. Study with your best friends. Try restaurants with your sisters/brothers/organization friends. Step out of your box. Relationships are a fundamental part of life.

College is the perfect time to meet new people and do things you haven't done before. I believe that everyone should take advantage of this period in life where we're on our own and have the ability to do stupid stuff with our friends and build those relationships. Invest in your friends and yourself and do what makes you happy. When looking back on your time in college, you'll remember the people you met and the things you did. Don't regret not putting yourself out there.