To The College Student Who Needs Some Midterm Motivation

It's crunch time! College students everywhere are currently feeling the effects of midterm stress, but fear not! Yes, midterms are scary, but guess what! Not only do they not define your intelligence, but they also do not define your overall course grade. Why is that? Because they are midterms. Halfway points. Interims. And improvements can be made! So stop sweating your exams and take a breath! Spring break will come and save you soon!

All that being said, don't totally disregard your midterm exams because they are still important. Your academic progress in college is very important. But a midterm exam will not lead to the downfall of your academic career. No single test grade can incapsulate all of the wonderful talents, traits, and ideas you have to offer. So, while these tests are essential for mapping out your progress in each of your courses, they are very small stepping stones in the grand scheme of your college career!

You don't have to be smart to pass a test, and failing a test doesn't mean you're dumb. Whatever happens, happens. Just always put forth your best effort! You are not better off cramming all night before an exam and getting two hours of sleep. Are you really doing yourself any favors? Did you actually retain all of that extra information? Do yourself a favor and get some rest. Do a bit of studying and go to bed! No one in college ever seems to get any sleep! At least get some sleep before your exams!

Whatever you do, don't feel alone in your stress. Most everyone else is in the same boat as you! Be supportive and lift each other up! Find ways to ride out the storm together. But for the love of God, don't compete with your friends over who has more work or who is under more stress. No good can come from that. Just accept that everyone is dealing with their own academic and personal stress, and move on. It's not a competition. It's not like you win any prizes for being the most sleep-deprived person in your friend group. Being overwhelmed and overworked sucks, so don't make it a goal. Take everything in stride and try to stay focused and positive. You aren't superhuman and you can't do it all, so don't try and take on the world.

When all your classes, papers, and tests start to get the best of you, take a step back and remember all your incredible strengths. Also look at your weaknesses and don't be afraid to acknowledge times when you're struggling or need help. Stay strong this midterm season! And if all else fails, just keep your sights set on spring break!

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