There's much going on in our society and the world right now that people aren't paying attention too. This time that we are living in is crucial and important. There are too many discrepancies in this world and no one is focusing on them, which is horrible, but let me shine the light on some of these issues.

1. Global Warming

Global warming is a serious issue for this time right now. There's a lot of unusual things happening with the climate, which have become very scary now. I live in North Carolina and on Monday, April 1, 2019, it began to snow in the western part of the state. The eastern part of the state did not receive any snow, but it was cold.

There are articles around the internet of a polar bear who has the head of another polar bear in his mouth. Polar bears are becoming carnivores. This is an issue. Snow in April? How could this be? People do not care about our planet, our world, our home. Stay woke and notice what's going on.

2. Police Brutality

Police brutality has been an issue, especially toward the black community. Police brutality has always been apparent, but it stirred the pot in 1991 when African-American male, Rodney King, was beat by multiple police officers. Police brutality has flared up again, mainly when Michael Brown was murdered by a police officer. When Sandra Bland was murdered by a police officer. Police have been abusing their power and it is not okay.

The individuals named are all African-Americans. There are other people who are not African-American that have been affected by police brutality too, but African-American are the most prominent group effected. Do not ignore the issue of what's happening within our society. Stay woke.

3. Trump's Wall

This is a wall to keep immigrants from coming to America, starting with Mexicans. Our country is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Much of the population in America are immigrants. Hundreds of years ago, people came to this land and claimed it. No one was from here. Immigrants are a beautiful factor to our country because they want to be a part of the "American Dream" which is living a free life.

A life that involves security and freedom. This wall is stripping away people and families. How much more can anyone take? Government officials have resigned due to the debate and conflict about this wall. The wall is happening, if you did not know, but many families are being torn apart due to this. Stay woke.

These are some of the main things happening in our society and world. People believe that some this does not affect them, which may be true, it may not affect you now. These things are real and true. Reality will set in for everyone eventually, whether that is now or later. Take the time to please stay woke and to focus on what's happening, because it may affect you more than you know.