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A few weeks ago, I went on a retreat called Manresa. Although this was a faith based retreat, one of the biggest takeaways I gained had nothing to do with faith or religion. This idea was staying present in the moment.

Being present. This seems simple, however it is something that I constantly struggle with. For example, during the retreat we left our phones in our room so that we would not be checking the time, texts and emails, which made it easier to stay present and focus on whatever was happening during that portion of the retreat. Even though this distraction was removed, I found my mind was still constantly wondering. I was thinking about who would be the next leader to give a witness, what other activities might be planned for later in the day, if we were gonna play mafia during our free time, who was going to O’s after mass, and other similar thoughts.

During the retreat we were told to stay present in the moment. Because I was reminded that I should stay present, it was something that I was deliberately trying to improve on. Whenever I felt myself losing focus, I would remind myself that I should enjoy the moment I was living because this moment will be over soon and future moments will happen and I can enjoy those moments when they arrive.

After leaving the retreat, I am still trying to implement this idea in my life. I find myself thinking about next semester and the activities and classes I will be taking, the summer and internship possibilities, and the future beyond that. Even though it is good to think and reflect on the future, it should not take away from the present. I’m currently on break, so I should be enjoying this time with my family and friends from home, instead of stressing myself out about the future.

Being present is difficult, but it truly a skill I am looking to work on, especially as I begin 2018.

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