It's that time of year again: late night study zombies and caffeine overdose galore. Finals week is among us, but that shouldn't be an excuse to agitate your overall health! Instead of killing yourself to learn the material, here are some healthy ways to make the grade.

1. Study in a timely manner


Make sure you are allowing yourself to study in a given time frame before your exam. There is no use staying up all night reading or writing material that you have not learned at this point.

2. Eat Healthy


Although caffeine may seem like the end all be all during finals week, make sure you are getting a balanced meal. Don't go into the test with a hunger headache, those are the WORST



Your body will literally thank you. Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep the night before an exam for adequate performance.

4. Breathe!


You can do this! It's almost over people. We can taste summer on our tongue we just have to pull through these exams. Remember how far you've come and what you're working towards.

Good luck on finals everyone! May the odds be in your favor.