How To Stay Creative And Inspired As A Music Producer?

How To Stay Creative And Inspired As A Music Producer?


Music producers are susceptible from burn out as much as anybody and it can be hard to stay inspired, whether you’re a budding one or established. So, here are some good tips on how to ensure you stay creative.

1. Try Not To Think Too Much

Usually, the best results happen when you just allow your music to happen rather than trying to control it. Even though you may have an idea in mind for the way you want something to sound, the results that you get may not always match up with that idea. Don't let that make you feel like you have failed. Instead, allow your inspiration to take you wherever it wants to without getting too hung up on your preconceived ideas of how the song should sound.

2. Create Spontaneously

Coming up with ideas doesn't have to be a tedious process. Instead, you can start with something completely random and work with it to create a successful track. Sometimes, the best way to come up with creative ideas is simply to let the music happen. Start with a loop and build your song from there. Before you know it, you may have an incredible track that is worth saving.

3. Remix Something Old To Make It New Again

If you are feeling stuck and can't come up with any good ideas, you may want to try remixing an older song. This allows you to flex your creative muscles without the need for a unique or innovative idea. As you begin remixing a song, you will no doubt find inspiration. As you work your way through the process, you may even be inspired to come up with some new ideas of your own. These may be good enough for the public, so it’s best you then learn how to sell beats online and maybe make a little cash.

4. Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Adding a little bit of humor to your music can be a great way to liven things up. Don't be afraid to play. Whether you want to add some hilarious vocals or create some funny sounds on your synth, adding a bit of fun to your music can remind you why you love creating in the first place. Plus, you never know when you might come up with an excellent idea. Here is a good guide.

5. Break Down Someone Else's Song

Sometimes, the hardest part isn't coming up with ideas - it is figuring out the technical aspects of how to put it all together. One way to overcome this hurdle is by looking at how other music producers have handled the challenge in the past. Try breaking down someone else's song to see exactly how they put it all together. Studying another artist that you respect and admire can help you figure out how to get good results with your own tracks. Of course, you should never copy their work. However, you can look at how they work and take inspiration from that.

6. Create An Inspiring Space

The space where you produce your music should leave you feeling creative and inspired. Put together a dedicated space where you can work on your art. Start by making sure that space has good acoustics. If necessary, make modifications to space so that the sound is better. Next, address the light level in the room. Decide whether you prefer to work in a relatively dark environment or a lighter space and make any adjustments as necessary. Finally, make sure that you have comfortable seating so that you can spend a lot of time in the space without feeling fatigued.

7. Take A Break

If you aren't feeling inspired, you may want to take a break. Instead of trying to force yourself to be creative, it is often better to take a step back and relax. If you don't have any deadlines that you have to meet, it can be beneficial to step away from the project for a little bit to recharge your creative batteries. Spending time focusing on other aspects of your life can help you return to your project with more enthusiasm and more inspired ideas. It is usually better to do nothing at all rather than to try to force yourself to be creative when you just aren't feeling it.

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The 9 Most Life-Changing Target Aisles, Ranked From Best To Best

Let Target tell you what you need.


With the help of some fellow valued Target customers, I successfully compiled a list of Target aisles from most visited least visited. In doing so, I am convinced I broke Facebook by asking people to decide between aisles, but it was definitley worth it.

For me, Office Supplies is number one, followed closely by Home Decor. I like to think one day I can buy every single thing I see in each section. As a broke college student, that dream seems almost impossible. Target gives me hope, however, that if there is a will there is a way.

I don't ever want to say an aisle in Target is not loved, because no one actually dislikes a Target aisle. This list is simply to show which aisles draw people in the most.

1. Home Decor

"I need those pillows"

"The aisle with the decorative throw pillows that I don't need but I want so badly."

"Curtains and bookcases"

"I am a slut for blankets and water bottles."

"I could be in there forever. I have planned like every room of my future house in like one visit once."

"Chip and Joanna Gaines."

2. Dollar Section

"It has all the holiday socks for $1"

"I swear I spend 90% of my time in Target there."

"It is the most Target thing in Target."

3. Office Supplies

"I love me some colored pens"

"I am a pathetic sucker for a good pen and I love a good organization tool."

"I bullet journal so I am obsessed with pens/markers."

4. Beauty


"Even though I don't wear a lot of makeup, I somehow always end up stopping by those aisles!"

"Nail polish. I always gravitate to the nail polish, spend 20 minutes deciding what colors I like, and end up not buying any."

"The end of the aisles where the clearance section is because you can find some good things for like $2."

"Face washes."

5. Kitchen Decor


"Pots and pans, to plates and bowls"

5. Clothes

"Clothing, PJs, and socks."

7. Books

"Those 30% stickers really get me."

"Fiction books!!"

8. Food

Caitlin Johnston

"Everything looks so good, so I stroll by just to test myself."

9. Technology

"I like looking at the new phones & Apple watches."

"One time I found a Fitbit on sale for $30 because it was an online return!"

10. Honorable Mentions

Candles, Stationary, Clearance, Baby Section, Seasonal Section

"I LOVE me some Target!"

P.S. - Shoutout to Anna for taking all these photos and to Syracuse Target for letting me do me.

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PSA: The Machine Gun Kelly And Eminem Feud Is a Hoax

This battle is ten times better than any beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B :-)


The battle between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem flourished years ago. Kelly took the opportunity to tweet about Hailie, Eminem's 16-year-old daughter at the time. As you can imagine things went awry real fast. It's never a smart choice to publicly cat call someone's daughter via social media. Kelly confessed, that even years after the start of the dispute, his career took a hard hit. Instantaneously, doors closed yet was never brought up again until recently.

Machine Gun Kelly's upbringing was oddly similar Eminem's life start. Kelly was a military brat who moved around constantly. Eminem moved from projects to projects. Both were abandoned by a parent. Eminem dropped out of high school and forged path through underground rap battles. You know the rest if you've seen the movie 8 Mile. MGK was nearly a felon and was discovered instantaneously.

Eminem recently let loose a surprise album. The album "Kamikaze" wouldn't have been released if it weren't for the mixed of reviews of "Revival." Some loved it, others refused to have anything to do with the artist. I will give Eminem the credit, that he holds the title of "Rap God." He paved a path within the hip-hop/rap genre just as his mentors did before him. He's managed to stray from copy-catting and stay original. His lyrics are understandable and share a story like no other.

The album "Kamikaze" blasted hatred from the lyrical marksmen. Although the hate came from the wrong place, it was with purpose. There are constant whispers of how trashy the music industry has grown; however, Eminem had the guts to spit it out. Most of the album discusses previous portions of his life while touching on current aspects such as his devout for religion, but it's never an Eminem album without shade. "Kamikaze" and "Not Alike" do the job.

Unlike every artist bashed within the songs, Machine Gun Kelly opted to lash out. With the release of "Not Alike" on August 31, "Rap Devil" came out nearly a week later. Eminem's rebuttal "KILLSHOT" was released September 15 earned a staggering 38.1 million views in its first 24 hours, making it the biggest hip-hop debut and third biggest overall debut in YouTube history.

Fans of both rap artists seem to miss the fact that Machine Gun Kelly was featured on Tech N9ne's album "Planet" where he subliminally dissed Eminem on the lead single "No Reason." Kelly took it upon himself to remind Eminem that he just rapped and was no god. Between that and harassing Hailie, I don't blame Eminem for lashing out.

Machine Gun Kelly took it upon himself self-grant the title of Rap Devil. Though it might've seemed like a smart play on words, Kelly should've looked into the biblical history. Flipping to the old testament, Lucifer was created by the hands of God who intended for him to be the highest creature the Lord had ever created. The devil was the wisest and most beautiful angel. In fact, he was the only thing that God created that was intended to be perfect. His responsibility was simple: guard the throne of God. However, Satan loathed being a servant and opted to fall to reign over his own. He tempted and destroyed Eve because she wanted to be a God too. In the end, the devil is a child of God who would go out of his way to destroy whomever to acquire whatever. He went from having everything to nothing because he was desirous narcissistic. MGK what are you trying to say?

"KILLSHOT" was the most anticipated single release as stated earlier. There is no doubt that Eminem delivered and left no page unturned. Before the release, Bizarre of D12 gave a respectable warning. The former rapper gave Kelly credit where credit was due; however, he gave warning to stop while he was ahead. Machine Gun Kelly might have talent, but he couldn't quite match the lyrical genius of Eminem.

Machine Gun Kelly stooped to an all time low when opening a concert for Fall Out Boy he told fans to raise their middle fingers. He then promptly turned around and took off his jacket to reveal the "KILLSHOT" cover photo. Pictures were taken and later posted to social media. Fans had no idea what was going on and blindly followed Kelly only later to be outraged when they found out the purpose. MACHINE GUN KELLY BORROWED FANS.

To thicken the plot, the feud between the rappers may not even be real. Turns out, both artists' songs were recorded at Interscope Records. On top of that, Ronald Spence Jr. produced and was written off as a credited writer for all songs involved. The idea that this battle might be an elaborate plot to increase publicity seems more and more likely. Oh, did I mention Machine Gun Kelly has an EP album due to be released on the 21st?

Real or not, the best way to figure out their beef isn't behind recording studio doors. I'd like to see a legit rap battle between the two hip-hop artists. If I might add, I totally stand behind Eminem 100 percent.

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