Penn State is known for a lot of things. Our football program, THON, and unfortunately some recent tragedies. But nothing compares to the infamous State Patty's weekend. Everyone raves about it every year. and the weekend brings a surplus of visitors to experience the wildness that is said to break loose. For people who never experienced State Patty's, I have one thing to say. It sucks! It is so overrated and not as fun as older kids made it out to be. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. "It's a 'Geed' holiday."

This past weekend, someone said what I think may be the funniest and most true thing I have ever heard; State Patty's is a "Geed" holiday. "Geed" is short for "GDI" or "God Damn Independent" aka people who are not in sororities or fraternities. This is true as State College police have become more strict about having parties and the fraternities are not allowed to host anything leaving there to be a small number of parties which leads to my second reason.

2. Fraternities can't have parties. 

The whole day you will struggle to find plans. People will do stuff at senior houses, but even that gets busted fast. Frats are absolutely not allowed to have anything, therefore there are barely any parties. The only people this doesn't affect are the so-called "Geeds" hence the reason they love this holiday still.

3. Undercover cops. 

Now I am not sure if this is just a paranoid rumor or a real thing, but it is said that cops will go undercover as Uber drivers to bust underage drinking. This makes it even worse as kids who are drinking will either A.) get in an Uber with an undercover cop and get busted or B.) walk around State College aimlessly drunk and get one that way. It's a lose, lose situation.

4. Strict housing rules. 

Even though I am sure no one actually really pays attention to these rules, they are still put in place for State Patty's. We are not allowed more than two visitors. I know it is an overrated and overhyped weekend, but it is still fun for friends to visit. As a result of the hectic weekend, we are limited visitors. Penn State is doing everything they can to end this weekend.

5. Apartment violations. 

You thought no fraternity parties during the weekend was bad? Apartment residents were threatened with fines and other consequences if they received such a small thing as a noise complaint, therefore apartment parties are also very limited this weekend.

Overall, State Patty's isn't worth it. There are a billion other weekends to drink or have your friends come up and visit. There are other days to drink at the bar. Heck, there is literally real Saint Patrick's Day to do this! It's not worth all the risks that come along with it nor is it as fun as everyone makes it out to be. Maybe once upon a time it was, but now it is just a whole big mess!