I Started My New Year's Resolution Before 2019, And I’ve Never Felt Better

I Started My New Year's Resolution Before 2019, And I’ve Never Felt Better

It's important to both love yourself and take care of yourself at the same time. For me, that means keeping up my new workout and diet regimen.


I consider myself pretty motivated when it comes to fitness and staying healthy. Throughout high school, I never worried about my weight or what I ate because I was always playing a sport or going to the gym on a daily basis. Exercise was always something I enjoyed, whether it was going for a run to clear my head or playing tennis with friends.

When college hit, I tried to hit the gym as much as possible. I'd wake up on days I didn't have 8 a.m. classes to get a workout in or find myself going late at night. But the thing about this was with so many other obligations of work and the temptation to just stay in my dorm that night to hang with my friends, it was so much easier for me to skip the gym, something I'd never do at home. On top of that, the salty dining hall food and the increase in eating out led to me gaining some weight first semester.

Coming home for Christmas, my mom pointed this out, which sounds harsh, but I really needed the wake-up call. The first couple of days of being home, I was really upset with the realization that I had gained weight. I kept looking in the mirror at my face, staring at my less defined jawline and wishing I had the body I did a year ago. I kept thinking "how did I let this happen," and complaining to my friends who reassured me that they didn't notice a difference and that I was being crazy.

My mom also comforted me by saying how with my month at home of healthy eating I would be back to where I was in no time. And since then, that's exactly what I've done. I've been committed to waking up for the gym every morning and doing a lot more cardio. I've cut down on bread, pasta, and sweets in the meantime.

While I'm glad that I've adopted a healthier lifestyle for this break, my self-consciousness about my weight also scared me a little. Seeing loved ones struggle with their bodies and eating disorders, I know that these are problems that are all too real for so many. Social media definitely contributes to defining what is beautiful and impacts mental health. Scrolling through Instagram, you see girls who are tall, skinny, curvy, and everyone portraying better versions of themselves. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look a certain way on social media, these posts have definitely had an impact on the societal perception of what a "good body" is. This definitely opened my eyes to the fine line between changing your diet to be a little healthier and counting calories like crazy and working off everything you eat.

My biggest takeaway for the end of 2018 is that it's important to both love yourself and take care of yourself at the same time. For me, that means keeping up my new workout and diet regimen while I am home for break, and taking some of my unhealthier habits into consideration when I return to school. As long as I keep a healthy balance, I'll be happy.

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7 New Years Resolutions That Every Girl Makes But Never Sticks With

New year, same me.


Ah, the refreshing presence of a new year. A year full of so many possibilities, opportunities, events, and resolutions that I'm going to make but manage to bend and break every last one that I jotted down in my polka dot planner.

1. “I’m going to seriously stop spending money. I’ll budget everything next year.”


Catch me at every store inside the mall hours after making my resolutions, ignoring my efforts as I purchase this Nike sweatshirt that pulls 80 bucks out if my checking account!

​2. "I'm going to stop procrastinating so I won't be stressed out anymore!"


Starting on my projects the day they are assigned? Easy. Getting ready for work as soon as I wake up? Piece of cake. Just let me hit snooze a couple of times and I’ll be fine.

3. “Instead of Coke, I’ll get water.”


Coca-cola is a guilty pleasure. Yeah, water is cool, but I don’t think anything beats an ice cold bottle of Coke. Change my mind.

4. “I’m deleting my Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Social media is lame anyway!”


I mean, I tried to delete my account but then I saw that Stacy had her baby and she is ~so~ cute! How can I delete my Instagram now? Maybe, next month. It’s still in the new year.

​5. "My room is going to stay so clean, I'll be able to eat off the floor."


It’s fine, it’s just one shirt on the floor, a pair of pants, my Taco Bell bag, some chargers, and my laptop. I’ll clean it tomorrow or the next day!

6. “Going to bed past 10 isn’t going to happen anymore.”


It’s 10:37: makeup is still on, the shower is running, I’m starving, and there is an essay due in the morning with my name on it. It’s just this one night, right?

7. “I’m going to the gym every day and setting my lockscreen as Jen Selter for motivational purposes.”


I know I’m breaking my resolution of not spending money by buying these Lululemon pants, but I promise this will motivate me to workout. I promise.

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It's Always A Good Time To Better Yourself

New year, new you.


We all like to play the New Year's game of creating resolutions most of us will most definitely not keep. We hear everyone going on and on about "new year, new me" and pretend like we want to engage as well. I failed to realize what it is about the new year that makes people want to change themselves. It's as if the digit changing at the end of the year is important to us changing ourselves.

You can make a change at any time of the year, so why now?

With this upcoming year, I feel like I have answered the qualms of the above statements. I have realized it is less about a new you, but more about a better you. The new year makes us feel fresh and gives us new energy. The digit changing, it gives us the motivation to make the changes to improve ourselves. While the last year has been so generous, I want to make the next year even better.

This is not a how-to guide on how to keep your resolutions, but more on how to make them. We tend to set unrealistic goals based off of ideas perpetuated by society rather than what truly makes us happy. We think by losing weight we will feel better about ourselves. By doing this we bypass the real goal altogether, feeling good about ourselves. This can apply in other circumstances. as well. If you're a writer, your goal could be to write more instead of writing better or writing something you care about. By deciding what truly matters to us, we can set goals that guide us to success instead of deterring it.

Even a simple task every day, like making the bed, can set the tone for the day as productive and neat.

Everyone is different and having the same three goals as every other person will not help you. Think about who you are and what you need to motivate you. Going to the gym may make you hate getting out of bed in the morning, but a small workout at home can be just as effective and more interesting for you.

Resolutions are what you make them out to be. You can choose to make them something meaningful.

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