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Student Life

Embrace the 'New'

Don't let that one scent keep you down.

Embrace the 'New'
Tish Cama

That new car smell. New house smell. New baby smell. It is a scent which will stick to your nose like microfibers and signifies more than just an odor. It is a signification of a moment in time where life stood still because you were moving onto the next stage of your performance. New doors were opened, new visions were breeding in the back of your mind, and new realities which come from it pierce themselves into your world as if they were meant to be there. It is the "New". All new things will eventually turn old, but that doesn't mean it is time to throw it to the curb and act as though it wasn't at one point of your life the most important thing in the world.

I am a young woman living in Texas. I walk like a girl, talk like a girl, and most definitely possess the attitude of a girl. The things that are important to me today don't even come close to what was important to me 10 years ago. I went from worrying about my social status as a 9-year-old to worrying about paying my way through college. From complaining about what I wanted for dinner to complaining about the cost of the gas in my car. From seeing the world as something I couldn't wait to jump into… and now I am drowning because I forgot to learn how to swim along the way. I do believe my success is inevitable but the "next" phase that I have found myself in is not what I want to continue calling my reality, and I think I speak for many when I say people will fall, crash, and burn before they realize they have been given the chance to fly.

We are in a world where you can change your identity within minutes if not seconds. You have the power to generate a well-being through what you love to do whether it be playing video games to holding a human heart in your hands. The fall of our generation is that nasty word "can't" which ultimately will make or break your determination and stamina. That one syllable word can break a marriage, kill a dream, or even end a journey. Rather than looking at the past and thinking of every reason something is unattainable, realize that there is always a new moment. New drive, new passions, new ideas and philosophies. People are conquering internal and external battles everyday all because of the progression society is making.

Remember when prom was the most important thing in the world? When you had a bad hair day and you thought it just can't get any worse than this. How you would argue with your mom and automatically think "I just can't wait to move out" or your siblings would tear your clothes and you would act like that was the most important piece of fabric in your possession. We overwork situations because in moments they are the most important and crucial parts of our lives. A girls first heartbreak isn't the end of the world but to her it is EVERYTHING in that moment. When a boy has to be benched for an injury the first thought that pops in their head is I can't get scouted, so my future is done for. We work up situations and forget that life will work itself out so all that happens is we fool ourselves that nothing can change.

10 years ago, being gay could have you killed on a street corner. 50 years ago, women's rights were a joke. 100 years ago interracial relationships were seen as a sin. We are so caught up in trying to forget the past that we forget to look towards the future and all that ends up happening is people confusing the idea of progression with being at a standstill expecting life to happen. Life will continue to "just happen" but if we want our way of life improved then we have to push towards a change and to fall into the new without thinking about what could have or should have been. We think everything will be together tomorrow or a week from now or a year from now, well it isn't going to get better by just thinking about it.

Open your eyes, clear out your ears, taste the motivation, feel the fresh air, and sniff in all of those opportunities because they are there and ready for you whenever you want to grab them. The time is now, and it all starts with one new day. Let it be today.

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