I moved in Sunday for Mizzou Recruitment and it has been a crazy busy week and it's only Monday. On top of that my first couple days at Mizzou have been AMAZING. When I moved in, it felt surreal and even still it doesn't feel like I am in college. I thought I'd be really homesick and I am really not that bad. I have been so busy with recruitment that I haven't really thought about it. I have been so ready to move out and be on my own, that this is exactly where I am supposed to be- I'm not really nervous but more excited to get things going. Recruitment is going really well, I am loving everything about it and everyone on campus is so nice and there is not one person that hasn't been nice or genuine. All the houses have been pretty accessible which is AMAZING. That was one thing, I was really worried about coming in and rushing was the accessibility. It isn't as bad as I assumed it would be. My dorm is pretty awesome and big! I am living in Defoe Graham with my friend from high school. It is nice as well to have someone I know so I have an automatic friend that can go around campus with, eat with and make adjusting a little easier. It is really a good start to my year here at Mizzou. I am looking forward to what all Mizzou has to offer, I have only seen a glimpse of it and I can't wait to explore more and more of it.