Started On An Island

You're tired. Scared. Excited. You're sitting in a formation with the rest of your platoon when you see your Drill Instructors. Standing tall, perfect uniforms, perfect drill, perfect discipline. They recite the Drill Instructor's Creed and that's when you begin to think, "This is it." Not even a minute later you're all being screamed at. Training has begun.

Three months don't seem to go by quickly and you begin to count days. Whose parents sent them the training Matrix? Okay, we just finished this, so we have this today....okay so we have this far to go. Please tell me someone didn't steal peanut butter from the chow hall... Crap, there's a crease in my blanket on my rack. I hope no one sees it.

How am I supposed to remember all this MCMAP stuff? How do I remember all the customs and courtesies? The 13th Commandant was who? Is it "Lej - oon" or "Lej - urn" ? What the hell am I doing? Okay pugil sticks against a freakin' giant...just my luck.

Crucible. Last little bit. Oh my god this hike. My legs. left right left right... please start singing cadence I'm dying. How many hours left? Are we almost there? Wait, I can say "I" now? Run faster - almost at the end of this. Okay still playing fuck-fuck games I see. When was the last time I used the head? When was the last time I drank water?? I don't care. Holy crap this night hike. I can't see. Reach... oh good there's someone in front of me. I never knew a concrete floor could be so damn comfy.
Hike. Left right. Break. APPLE! left right. ouch. ouch. fuck. nope. I wanna quit. Don't fall out. Stay motivated. Motivated my ass. This hurts. AH! THE WE MAKE MARINES SIGN! Ok my back hurts. Just a little bit more....

Boom you did it... Marine.

MCT. Marine Combat Training - let's go. Feels good to be back in uniform. I missed my boots. Ok...didn't miss the yelling. Okay they aren't that bad. This Sergeant is pretty cool. I wonder if I could become a Combat Instructor. Hike. Buddy rushes for days! Hike. Ouch. Okay MRE business - new style of trade - let's go. DON'T FALL ASLEEP ON RIFLE WATCH! Boom Graduation. I'm gonna miss these guys.

MOS school. MAT PLATOON! Fuck this shit. Skate. Skate. Skate. Okay a little bit of motivation just for shits and giggles. CLASS! Hell yeah! NOOOOO! Hike...class. stay awake. Smoke break. stay awake. What did he say? Sorry Staff Sergeant you're killing us here. hike. learn. stay away. Moto run...nooooooo. First Sergeant run... okay this ain't that bad. We're family right?
Graduation BOOM! Basically trained Marine.

PFC - Lance Corporal - Corporal. Shit I have to adult. Shit I have to NCO - shit I have to lead. Crap what was all that information I learned way back when? Damn boot. Fuckin' boot. AHHHHH no no no he is not wearing his dog tags in civilian clothes. Fuck no.
Ok. B-billet. MSG? Maybe that'd be badass. Combat Instructor? Hell maybe. Drill Instructor...

God this hurts. God I'm tired. GOD they're stupid! It's not that hard! Run. Run faster. I'm gonna puke. I didn't eat today... oh well fuck it. Run. Faster. Harder. First cycle done.... are you serious? Just one cycle. THAT WAS JUST ONE CYCLE? HOW LONG DO I HAVE DOING THIS?! Okay calm down.... you're making Marines. That's an honor. God I'm tired. I miss my family. I miss my dog. God my back. Think I fucked up my ankle. Don't show pain. Fuck I really lost my voice on that one. Don't curse in front of them. Be the model Marine... How many years do I have left....
I love my job.

It all started on an Island. For all of us. An island. A depot. We all started there. Doesn't matter where you go with your career - we all started at the same places. We're family.

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