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Student Life

Start A Fire In Your Soul

Move your mountains.

Start A Fire In Your Soul
Lewis Howes

Obstacles are subjects in which everyone comes to face at some point or another. Dealing with and overcoming them, not everyone tries to. Seeing them as an opportunity, not everyone does. Learning from climbing the mountain of discomfort that was involved in the process, not everyone learns from.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is filled with a lot of hate based on diversity. Forms of diversity have caused us to not only go to war with each other, but to also be at war with ourselves. This comes back to the obstacles that arise to the same plate on which we stand. Rising to the challenge and overpowering it is solely based on how you handle your mindset. Head games play a part in every mountain we climb whether it be in education, sports, at home, work or any area of our lives. Seeking out the positive in each situation can carry us to the finish line with a stronger sense of dignity, because the only competition standing between you and your goals is your mindset.

If you don't like the current results, then it's time to change your practice. It's not possible to get better results if what you're doing is what you've always done. To be blunt, it's life, you have to work for what you want to get something out of it. So destroy what destroys you. Fan the flame that lives down inside and let it burn with such intensity that others can see you burning.

Competing in roping events and barrel racing in college rodeo has taught many lessons. It's one of the most humbling sports because my achievements and victories can only succeed if the horse beneath me wants to work hard too. Having this dual partnership means preparing not only myself, but the equine athlete as well. Since I've been involved in rodeo I've learned how to carry myself to a standard of grace. I've always admired those who can walk out of an arena carrying their selves with such humbleness that I could never actually decipher whether they won or lost. I figure that's a quality that we can instill within ourselves if we practice having the right mindset knowing that no matter how hard we work, there will always be circumstances that don't allow us the opportunity we'd hoped for. More so thinking that we never actually lose, we just learn.

Feed the rage that's awakening your soul. This world needs something that you have, because you were assigned mountains to show others that you can move them. Life isn't the easy route, but it's worth it because we're worth it. Progression doesn't happen when we're comfortable, so when it's time to let go of good so we can start reaching for great, then lets do.

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