Starbucks Red Holiday Cups: Designed By YOU!

Starbucks Red Holiday Cups: Designed By YOU!

Last December Starbucks encouraged customers to share their own creative designs on their red cups on Instagram.

Starbucks Red Cups have been a staple indicator of the holiday season since 1977.

This year, on November 10th, Starbucks released their 13 Red Holiday Cups designed by you, the customer!

Starbucks global chief marketing officer, Sharon Rothstein, said, "We hope that this year’s red holiday cup designs express the shared spirit of the holidays as told by our customers."

Last December Starbucks encouraged customers to share their own creative designs on their red cups on Instagram.

In just 8-days, customers from 13 countries sent in over 1,200 cup designs they created themselves. Starbucks then asked a small group of customers to send in their red cup design so they could evaluate it for production potential, keeping the designs as authentic to the creator as possible.

In the end, Starbucks selected 13 unique Red Cup designs that came from 6 different countries, each is a part of this year's holiday cup collection. All 25,000 Starbucks will be featuring these cups in 75 countries, celebrating the unique cultures and creativity of people from around the world.

Art is an unspoken language, it defies all barriers and speaks to each and every one of us in an impactful way.

Thank you Starbucks, for encouraging acceptance, love and appreciation of people all of the world this Holiday Season. Together we can enjoy hot cocoa, while admiring the beautiful, creative minds of our Brothers & Sisters around the globe!

Cover Image Credit: Starbucks Website

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15 Things You've Heard As An Ice Cream Scooper

And the responses you wish you could have said...

As many of you know, being a customer service employee can be exhausting. Sure, you may like working with people, but there's no doubt that you reach your limit here and there. Ice cream scoopers are a very specialized group of customer service employees who deal with people in their most vulnerable state: when they are craving sweets. If you've ever worked in an ice cream shop, here is a list of things you've definitely heard from customers, with responses of what you probably wish you could have said.

1. "I want cookie dough."

OK, seriously? "Cookie dough" is all you're giving me? Now I have to ask you a million questions about what size, what kind of cone, what type of toppings, etc. I know you may think I read minds, but I swear I don't.

2. "Just give me the regular cone. You know, the normal one."

Well, we offer three different kinds of cones. What's normal to me may not be normal to you. Chances are I'll scoop your ice cream into a sugar cone and then you'll look at me like I have ten heads because you expected a wafer cone *sigh*

3. "Can I try the vanilla?"

Are you kidding me?! I'm not sure if this is because you've never had vanilla before or if it's because you have a very critical opinion of vanilla ice cream, but either way... I suggest you take it down a notch. Your only excuse is if you're four years old.

4. "I promise, this is my last taste."

Is it, though?

5. "Oh wait, actually, THIS is my last one."

Yeah, that's what I thought.

6. "After all of these tastes, I won't have enough room to actually order a cone of ice cream!!!"

Extra points if you and your friends all laugh at the joke you just made.

7. "Is that one good?"

Honestly, does my opinion of ice cream really matter to you? Obviously, I'm going to say I like it, because I work here and it's ice cream, so yeah, it's good. What am I supposed to say? Should I tell you that I actually find that flavor repulsive and that it sort of tastes like soap? Probably not.

8. "Which flavor's your favorite?"

Let's be honest, there's a very high chance that our taste in ice cream is completely opposite altogether. So, when I say that the peanut butter chocolate is my favorite flavor, you'll probably smile and nod politely, and then order mint chocolate chip. Awkward.

9. "Just surprise me!"

No, no, no. Please do not put your ice cream order in my hands, that's way too much pressure. Also, I'm a terrible decision maker.

10. "Do you have chocolate ice cream?"

Nope! *Sarcasm*

11. "Which flavors are gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, and dairy-free???"

Why did you even enter this ice cream shop? Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic to allergies and sensitivities, but I have a feeling you're just being obnoxious.

12. "I bet your right arm gets pretty muscular, huh?"

Ha. Ha. Haven't heard that one before! Are you going to make the Popeye joke next?

13. "Could you just add some hot fudge on top of that for me?"

Listen carefully. If you ordered a kiddie size ice cream in a cup, and the ice cream fills the cup completely, where would there be room for the hot fudge? The answer is nowhere. I then have to transfer your ice cream into a larger cup that leaves room for the fudge, which easily could have been avoided if you had simply warned me of your fudge desires beforehand.

14. "It costs HOW MUCH?! I remember when a cone of ice cream was 50 cents!"

I don't make the prices. I, too, would love if an ice cream cone still cost 50 cents, but the unfortunate truth is that it does not, nor will it ever again.

15. "Oh, my gosh! I don't know how you work here and stay so thin! I would eat everything in the store!"

Oh don't worry, I DO eat everything in the store.

If you've ever said any of these things to an ice cream scooper, they probably made a joke about you to their coworker when you weren't looking. But it's okay, they immediately praised afterward as long as you tipped well. Ice cream scoopers are nice in nature, I swear. And they don't hold grudges!

Happy scooping!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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Mom, My Coffee Addiction Isn't As Bad As You Think

This one's for you, Mom. Science says drinking coffee is totally fine.


When I say that, I meant that drinking as much coffee as I do isn't bad. The addiction itself is incredibly deep-rooted and I couldn't function without it. But that's not the point.

Growing up I was always told I wasn't allowed to drink coffee because it keeps me up and stunts my growth and stains my teeth and blah blah blah. Well, news flash, Mom! Coffee, in fact, doesn't keep me up, I'm an average height, and my teeth are white!

Coffee isn't even bad for you. I mean, drinking 5 Venti caramel iced coffees from Starbucks a day is a LOT of sugar and milk and other things that you definitely don't need to be consuming a lot of. But, when drank correctly and in moderation, it isn't bad for you!

Studies have shown that drinking coffee can lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even neurological conditions like Alzheimer's. Coffee has antioxidants in it, which combat damaging oxidizing agents and are very good for you. It also contains anti-inflammatory compounds which is what aids in lowering your risk of neurological diseases like Alzheimer's.

So, when I tell my mom that coffee is good for me and can never hurt me, I mean it. For the most part. The only downside that has been linked to problems is in pregnant consumers. Women who are pregnant and drink large amounts of coffee are at a higher risk for miscarriage. But, drinking caffeine while pregnant has always been something that we knew wasn't good. That's not saying that you can't drink it at all while pregnant, but definitely monitor your intake and keep the intake at a lower level.

As long as it is drank in moderation, this is good news! Now you can tell your mom, dad, friends, or siblings when they verbally attack you for your addiction to coffee that it isn't so bad after all. So, HA, Mom!

Cover Image Credit:

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