Everything You Need To Know About Starbucks' New Blonde Espresso
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Everything You Need To Know About Starbucks' New Blonde Espresso

Bring it on, Blondie.

Everything You Need To Know About Starbucks' New Blonde Espresso

You walk into your local Starbuck’s to see the entire menu covered in a bright, sunshine yellow. Seems like a strange color choice, considering it’s the middle of January. The bold, black letters stretched across read, “Blonde Espresso.” Not really sure what it is, you order your usual drink and stand at the end of the bar waiting for your delectable latte to be delivered by hand. Now, this is what may have happened if you are a casual coffee drinker, but if you’re an absolute Starbucks lover/addict/advocate like me…you know this new espresso just changed the coffee game forever!

As soon as I heard the announcement I couldn’t wait to get my hands, and taste buds, on Starbucks’ newest creation. The introduction of the Blonde Espresso has been the first time Starbucks has had more than one espresso option. Now with two espresso options, Starbuck’s Signature, and Starbuck’s Blonde, the number of drink combinations at Starbucks just became even more endless.

The taste test

To get the full experience of the new espresso, I ordered a shot of both types of espresso Starbuck’s offers. In drinking the Starbuck’s Signature, I was met with the familiar dark and bold flavor that I knew and loved. Trying the Starbuck’s Blonde right after, I was able to taste a difference and was introduced to the undoubtedly smooth and subtly sweet flavor of the Starbucks Blonde.

So, what makes the Starbucks Blonde taste so different? The magic comes from a variety of factors, including Starbucks’ master blenders and roasters blending coffee beans from Latin America and East Africa to the peak of their flavor. In general, the beans used for the Blonde Roast are larger in size than a traditional, dark roast bean. When coffee beans are roasted, the beans undergo different levels of cracking. Something unique to the roasting process of the Blonde Roast is that the beans never make it past their first “crack.”

To compare Starbucks’ Traditional espresso and Blonde espresso, I created a handy-dandy chart to better show the differences between the two amazing espressos.

How should you drink it?

Now, what drink can you get this espresso in? Well, any. Getting your first drink with the new espresso may feel overwhelming, but remember your barista is your best friend when it comes to helping you find your perfect drink. While your barista makes your drink, you may notice they are using less syrup; one less pump to be exact. With the Blonde Espresso being more subtle than the signature blend, the recipes are modified so the syrup flavors don’t overpower the entire beverage.

This innovative espresso offers a new flavor profile that is particularly well-suited for iced espresso drinks, like the iced Americano. Just because the flavor is different, doesn’t mean you’ll be or missing out on caffeine or spending more. The Blonde Espresso has both the same price, as well as the same caffeine level as Starbucks’ Signature Espresso.

Finding your perfect drink

Customers can try hundreds of combinations of Starbuck’s drinks with their new espresso, so there likely is a new “perfect” drink for you! Even those who don’t typically drink coffee or are just starting, this espresso is the perfect choice for any drink as the flavor isn’t as bold. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

- For those who rarely drink coffee: try the blonde mocha latte.

- For those with a serious sweet tooth: try the blonde vanilla latte.

- For those who like the best of both worlds: try the blonde flat white.

- For those who wish is was summer all year long: try the blonde iced Americano.

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