The 7 Stages Of Packing For A Trip

Going on summer vacation is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Thoughts of relaxing on a beach for the week while eating and drinking amazing food flow through my head in the days leading up to take-off. Vacation is supposed to be a stress-free time but when it comes time to pack for your stint in paradise, prepare for the stress.

1. Going through your closet.

There's never anything to wear on a normal basis, so why would there be now?

2. I have to go shopping.

You know, because I have nothing to pack.

3. Just kidding, I have no money.

And the $10 you do have could go towards an overly-priced key chain in your hotel.

4. I guess I'll just take everything I own.

Do you think I need this sweater in Mexico? It may get cold at night so I'll bring eight of them.

5. Now I have 3,283,943,829 pieces of luggage. Great.

Probably wasn't the best idea to pack all eight sweaters for a trip to Mexico. Oops.

6. Time to narrow it down.

If I couldn't find anything then, how can I find anything now? Ugh!

7. I guess this is fine, hope I didn't forget anything.

Whatever. If I forgot it, I'll spend my $10 on it.

Despite the stresses of packing, once you arrive at your destination, you'll forget all about the hours you spent staring at your closet. Just sit back, relax and don't think about unpacking once you get home.

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