10 Stages Of A Netflix Binge

Netflix has become my holy grail. I binge watch shows as frequently as humanly possible, and with finals ending I know the binge season is fastly approaching. The stages one enters during Netflix binges is another form of themselves. You do not eat what you typically eat. Social interaction is the question "are you still watching" and your phone goes on do not disturb. The characters of the show become close to you. You get angry when they make a stupid mistake and you cheer them on when something good happens.

1. Finding a show

2. Purchasing your "supplies" for the binge-watching.

3. Finding appropriate attire for the binge.

4. You watch one episode, then another, and then another.

5. Something happens to your favorite character.

6. The two characters that you want to get together, finally get together.

7. You realize that you may have a problem.

8. You separate yourself from your laptop.

9. You take some time apart, then decide to start watching again.

10. It is time to watch the series finale, you have done it. You finished the series.

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