7 Stages Of Looking For An Internship As Told By Michael Scott

Getting a summer internship is a task. It requires sending out a load of applications, networking like you are a seasoned pro, and asking pretty much everyone you know if they have a family friend in whatever industry you are trying to claw your way into. It is no easy feat. Michael Scott from The Office describes the stages that a college student usually goes through when looking for that coveted Summer 9 - 5.

When it is literally September and the girl sitting next to you in class already has committed to her Summer Internship:

When you realize instead of thinking about what an overachiever that girl might be, you should be thinking about doing the same:

When you cave and take the time to send out at least five applications and the waiting game for a response begins:

When you finally hear back from an internship only to find out that it is unpaid:

When the recruiter asks you what qualifies you for this position and you have no response but:

When you are at your second interview and your interviewer asks you a question that is confusing AF:

When a company FINALLY sends you an offer letter and you rejoice:

P.S. - long live the greatness that is Michael Scott.

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