Flu season? Nothing compared to the grind that is finals season. Also, I'm writing this at 2:30 AM.

1. I took finals in high school...it should be the same

LOL. LOL. LOL. It is not the same. Finals may have been a week or so in high school, but in college it seems to last for a whole month. You may think this gives you more time to study but it does not because your professor will probably also assign a group presentation, a paper, a quiz, and and oral presentation.

2. Oh wow, finals are quickly approaching

It seems like we just got back from Thanksgiving break. Now all of a sudden you have finals NEXT WEEK. How did this happen.

3.  How do I even study for this

It somehow seems though your teachers all assume that theirs is the only class you have to study. Sometimes you actually feel guilty.

4. Okay, maybe I can move into the library

The library has a coffee shop, and heating. SO basically you can just live there.

5. Netflix?

Sometimes, you get too overwhelmed and decide to watch The Office instead. Then you go into panic mode.

6. AHHH cramming.

You know you probably shouldn't stay up until 4 am but it doesn't feel like finals week unless you do.

7. During the final 

Okay its definitely A, or B, maybe C ..AHHH.

8. Post final relief 

and then more pre final stress for the next final.

Ready. Set. FINALS.