The stages of college student interviews by michael scott

The 9 Stages Of A College Student Prepping For A Job Interview, As Told By Michael G. Scott

Young professionals are faced with this scary process at some point in our college careers. Boy, is it nerve-wracking! I, myself, have been faced with this process a few times in the last couple weeks and thought I should share my experiences through my favorite TV personality, Michael "The Machine" Scott.

Job interviews can be extremely intimidating and a bit overwhelming. I have never had a formal job interview until a few weeks ago. Now that I'm past the first couple weeks the jitters of starting a new job are out of my system for the most part. Once you get through the interview and out to the other side all the nerves and stomach-churning you were feeling makes it completely worth it. There are so many emotions associated with this scary process and the only person that could describe it perfectly would be Michael Scott for two reasons — his constant emotional rollercoaster of feelings and his humor. Get ready!

Submitting your application

The hardest part is making sure that your application and resume are perfect. I spent three days filling out a two-page application for the job I just got. The application could not have been more straight forward, I was just double checking everything — I mean everything. Before I applied, I hadn't updated my resume since my sophomore year of high school (four years ago, oops) and didn't really know if I did it right or if it was professional enough. So, I did what any nervous student would do and sent it to my parents to have them make changes. Seriously, use your parents! I don't think I would've gotten my job without the edits to my resume from them. After everything is perfect, you finally submit it! This was the hardest thing for me to do because I always forget something but once you click the send button, all you can do is wait.

Waiting for the reply

Waiting for an email or call back is SO stressful, like, I can't even put it into words. I wanted the job so badly that I checked my email every half hour (not kidding). I also turned on my email notifications, so you can probably tell how stressed I actually was. But, putting all your attention into waiting for a response will drive you crazy. Even with my insanely busy schedule, it was the only thing I could think about for five days.

Getting the reply

Wait, they want to interview me for this amazing opportunity? HECK YA! I was in shock for the first couple of days. But, as soon as I got the email asking to set up a time to interview with the company, I responded in .2 seconds.

Preparing/making time for the interview

Until your interview is 20 minutes from happening, you are preparing. Because my most recent interview was the first real one I'd ever had, I was kind of losing it. I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I knew going into the interview was that they would ask questions about myself that I had to really think about and make myself desirable to the company. Once you realize this is something that happens in most interviews, it makes it a lot easier to prepare. Also, knowing a little bit about the company helps — DO NOT go into an interview with absolutely no clue about the company you want to work for.

Traveling to the interview

It's interview day, ladies and gents. Start your engines! I didn't sleep the night before my interview. I expect you to be just as nervous but not to worry because it goes by faster than you would think. I was so nervous about being ready and on time for my interview. I woke up at 8 am, got ready in 30 minutes, and waited for an hour and a half to leave. But because I get nervous, I left 30 minutes early for an interview that was five minutes from where I live. Better to be there early than arrive late!

The interview

Oh, my gosh! You're in the interview. Now, it is your time to shine and really own your personality. This is the time to show the company who and what you are. You are so much more than you think you are — confidence is key in an interview. Talking yourself up can be hard because we're not used to doing that or people asking us to do that. But, just know the more confident you are in your responses the more desirable you are to employers. Go get 'em, girl!

The waiting period

The interview process is over, so now what? The sad part is all you can do is wait to hear if you got the job or not. This was not hard for me because they offered me the job right after the interview, but it doesn't always work that way. The best advice would be to make yourself busy and focus on other things until you receive the response. There's not much else you can do so make good use of your time!

The response you've been waiting for

Ugh, after waiting for days, weeks, months, whatever, you finally get the response. If it isn't the response you wanted, just know that whatever is meant to be will be. You should only look at this experience as "one door closes and another opens." If you received the response you were hoping for, it's time to lose your mind — you freaking did it!

The light at the end of the tunnel

Now the rest is easy, or at least I think it is. Getting acclimated into your new work environment can be a challenge, but don't be afraid to ask questions and befriend your coworkers! I've been working for a week and I've already gotten to know a few people just through small talk. Don't be afraid and make the most out of this new experience!

Well, that's it, folks! I know a lot of us have been there and a lot of us will be there at some point. The bottom line is to be confident in yourself and know you're doing exactly what you need to be doing. Go celebrate and reward yourself for getting through the process and landing the job. After all, you deserve it!

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