We’ve all been there, where we grab our laptops or turn our TVs and prepare for a long night of watching our favorite TV shows or finally sitting down to watch the new movies that were released on Netflix for the month.

1. Finding the show that initially pulls on your interests

This is a crucial part of the process, finding the right show that can keep your interest for the several hours…. or days that you plan on putting yourself into a Netflix coma.

2. Grabbing the necessary snacks and junk food that will ensure you will be safe from starvation.

Once you immerse yourself into your show of choice, getting up from your position on the couch will seem nearly impossible, so it's important to order an extra large pizza with extra cheese and pop a bag of movie theater popcorn to ensure you survive your binge watching.

3. Getting a couple episodes in and contemplating hitting the next button.

It's been a good solid three hours and you have class tomorrow but you desperately need to know what happened after the bar fight in Gossip Girl, so you hit next even though you have an 8am.

4. Continuing to watch episode after episode, burrowing deeper and deeper into your reality TV show.

The sun's coming up but who cares, your favorite two characters just confessed their love to each other no way you can stop watching now.

5. The sad realization that the first season has come to an end.