Stages Of Becoming Obsessed With Hamilton
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Stages Of Becoming Obsessed With Hamilton

We All Want To Be In The Room Where It Happened

Stages Of Becoming Obsessed With Hamilton
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By now, just about everyone and their mother has heard of the hit musical that is sweeping the nation. There hasn't been this huge of a mainstream following of a musical since Wicked premiered in 2003. Hamilton is a musical developed by Lin-ManuelMiranda who was also behind the Tony Award winning musical In The Heights. Miranda wrote the book, music, lyrics and stars as the title role. It premiered at the Public Theater on January 20, 2015.

Miranda got the idea for Hamilton when he read a biography about the founding father while on vacation in 2009. Between working on In The Heights, he began writing what he called The Hamilton Mixtape. He even performed an early version of the opening song "Alexander Hamilton" at the White House (see video below).

The musical is a fresh new take to talk about one of the very first political powers involved in a sex scandal. Someone who literally fought with every single founding father. Someone who was George Washington's right hand man. Hamilton is making kids and adults get more involved in its country's history and history in general. For me, it was a slow process to began to build to create my love of Hamilton. Here are the main stages of becoming obsessed with this musical.

1) Someone mentioning 'Hamilton'

It could be a friend, an article from Facebook or even the Grammys. You hear about this new musical that combines hip hop and the founding fathers. At first, you aren't sure that you heard this right. How can old men in powered wigs relate to the genre of hip hop? Those are two polar opposites! This seems just crazy enough that you may just have to check it out.

2) Listening to the album for the first time

After the first song ends, you are 100% interested. You are surprised how well the subject matter matches the style used. You can't tell if you are more impressed by how much the founding fathers acted like they were in a reality show (*cough* looking at you Jefferson *cough*) or how the music captures each emotion so on point. You get confused as to why you almost cry every time Phillpa Soo sings or how happy Daveed Diggs' rapping in a french accent makes you. This is only the beginning

3) Looking further into the plot

You start to become fully invested in the story. You want to know why Miranda decided to write about Hamilton. You want to know what the cabinet meetings involving Hamilton and Jefferson were actually like. You truly want to be in the room where it happens. How could anyone hurt the innocent Eliza? How can I become as independent as Angelica? How do I become as goal-driven as Alexander? You ask yourself this question as you listen to the album again and again. You try to get into the characters' minds. Also, you pay more attention in history class.

4) The casual obsession

You listen to the album in your car. You swear that one day you will go see the show (and cry over the fact that it's always sold out/$180+). You tell people about the good man Lin-Manuel Miranda. You tell people about the angel that Phillipa Soo is and how much of a beast Renée Elise Goldsberry is. You want to find more people who love the show as much as you so you can discuss it with someone with a passion like you. It's becoming one of your favorite musicals

5) You become Ham4Ham

You didn't know how to say no to this. Hamilton becomes more than just a casual obsession. Not only do you know every word, you can rap along with Daveed and Leslie in perfect unison. You know all the characters backstories, all the actors lives and everything there ever was to know about Lin-Manuel Miranda (you also follow his amazing twitter account). You preorder Hamilton and wait patiently to read about everything that happens inside Lin-Manuel's head. You dream of being in the show (and have looked up the information for the open call). One day, you will go to New York and the show will make you a new man.

Whether you've just heard of this or have known since the beginning. Hamilton is a great show with amazing lyrics and great message. Hamilton never let anything get in the way of his dream and neither should you. Remember to surround yourselves with people who support you. Because it's them that live on to tell your story.

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